I am a mogul.


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    Hi Sophie! I'm so sorry to hear that you suffer from a lot of anxiety. I would love to hear why you think you're not good at opening up to your boyfriend, but in the meantime, one of the few things I do to reduce anxiety especially in regards to not feeling good enough is remembering that I have a lot of time. And that means I don't have to improve everything in my life extremely quickly! So I wake up everyday telling myself I'm not going to have a zero day and that I'm going to do at least one thing, even if it's extremely tiny, to improve myself. And the beauty of that is that over time, those tiny things compound and you'll look back thinking how far you've come. Another thing I do that helps put things in perspective for me is looking up at the stars and imagining I'm one of those stars looking down at my tiny little self surrounded by 7 billion other people on Earth surrounded by trillions of other planets. It makes me realize that no matter what problems I have, it's small and I'll get past it!

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