" I want to make this a revolutionary social change. we can all find that little inscription in our heart to show that we can make a difference in the world."- Siobhan OneMama Neilland


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    Siobhan Neilland, founder of OneMama, represents the heart of the OneMama organization. Passionate about making a difference in the world, Siobhan created OneMama to show those in need that they are loved and matter in this world. Inspired by a Ugandan midwife, Mama Jamira, Siobhan found her calling helping people in desperate conditions empower themselves to create change. As she worked to help Mama Jamira's community, her vision blossomed into creating an organization that encompassed no limits, servicing impoverished communities worldwide. As a successful entrepreneur, Siobhan has taken her keen business sense and transmuted OneMama into a model that will create self-sustainability in each community it supports. Siobhan also founded ShaBoom Products & Cosmetics as a long term funding venture for the OneMama organization and to show people you can look beautiful with natural products and change the world while you do it! No stranger to poverty and hardship, Siobhan uses her own losses to inspire change and teach the global community how to overcome obstacles to achieve a fulfilling life. "I want to make this a revolutionary social change. We can all find that little inscription in our heart to show that we can make a difference in the world "


    SIOBHAN’S TOP 4 PRESENTATION TOPICS - Motivational Speeches THE INTERVIEW GAME - Gain interviewing, hiring, & career development expertise o The game of hiring the best and being the best, Siobhan breaks it down on both sides of the equation. With over a decade of experience hiring for Fortune 500 companies, Siobhan shares her secrets to landing the job of your dreams or building the perfect team of people to catapult your organization to success. BE A GAME CHANGER - Master the skills needed to become an exceptional leader o Ever feel like you’re missing that “something” other leaders have that makes them go from ordinary to exceptional? The best leaders are driven by a greater purpose. Siobhan shares with you her secrets to achieve exceptional success for yourself and those around you by not playing the game—but changing the game. TOOLKIT FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS - Discover your path to acquiring financial freedom o As an entrepreneurial woman, you encounter biases that require you to be at the forefront of innovation and integrity to achieve success. Siobhan equips you with the toolkit she’s used to fast-track her own success as well as small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and startups to become the best in their industry. JOY IS SUCCESS - Realize motivation, inspiration, & purpose in your life o Change the game from mess to success. Siobhan shares with you how she created a successful life by harvesting joy in the most unlikely of places. From transmuting her past of abuse, pain, and neglect, Siobhan built a life of prosperity—a life you can have too.