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Top companies strongest female leaders 2018


    Alongside a shared culture of excellence, we have five core values that drive us forward, guide our behavior, shape our thinking and act as a north star, keeping us focused on achieving our goal of making the world a safer place.


    We take pride in our ethical culture, are honest, and do the right thing.


    We are inclusive, embrace diverse perspectives and value the role we all play in our shared vision.


    We fuel more powerful ideas, deeper relationships and greater opportunities to achieve shared objectives together.


    We challenge the status quo and act with speed and agility to drive global growth.


    We honor our commitments, anticipate the needs of our customers, serve our communities and support each other.


    Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government and cybersecurity solutions. We are passionate about implementing a truly diverse and inclusive culture. Because, in our experience, diversity of talent and thought is what drives innovation. In 2016, we launched a strategic plan that uses researched, process- and culture-focused efforts to improve the recruitment, retention and development of women.

    Highlights of the plan include revamped talent acquisition and development processes; required training on topics like mitigating bias and inclusive leadership; a new performance rating system; diversity-related annual goals for every level of leadership; and inclusive benefits like the industry’s first paid parental leave program. In 2017, women were promoted into engineering fellow and principal engineering fellow roles at an increased rate. Today, Raytheon has 5 female board members and half of our engineering vice presidents are women.


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