Love is when a man died hanging on the cross just to saved you. *Kilig*


    I'm studying Humanities and Social Sciences at Arellano University as Grade 12 student, so excited to graduate and become legal! I have a lot of dream to be, but maybe I'll focus on dreaming as future saint, then coming to another dream, to live in heaven. 0_0 Yiee!



    I know how to make newspapers, tabloids, magazines, literary works such as poems and prose, short stories, novelette, spoken poetry entries, articles about social issues and novels-though I never finished my first attempt. So basically, I love words, letters, punctuations and anything that is connected to writings. My words are my power, I write my words. This is the only talent that I have next to my so-called- spoken literature, and for being the best liar. HAHAHA No matter how talkative I am, there are times where in, I talk with no words from my mouth, no sound from my voice, I discover the mystery of screaming sound of silence. I write for God, for you and for myself. Writing has been my constant escape in the painful reality of life. I write because no one listen. No one dare to care, the people that served as my focal point are blind and deaf. IGNORANCE AS ITS FINEST. God is here. That's why I'm here. Let me do this as a great honor to protect the oppressed. I write because you exist. "If you lose your soul--You'll lose it all--If you're at the top--Then brace for the fall--Surrounded by faces--No one to call--Funny how it all goes around"