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    Paul Rabil
    New York, NY, United States Labeled “The LeBron James of Lacrosse” by The New York Times

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    Hey Danica, I'm wholly supportive of peaceful, legal actions or statements of expression on a particular issue -- especially when it comes to human and social rights. I say this coming from an honest place, too. I'm a straight, white male, born from a lower-middle class family, and play lacrosse (an often stereotyped sport). My main agenda as a person is to continue to listen, empathize, and understand. 

    The best form of empathy? Seek to understand, rather than seek to be understood. With the connected world we live in today, our senses are heightened. These players feel unheard, and I want to support them. 

    Ways to do so? We can help amplify their messaging (through social media and forums like this), and contribute to groups that are far better at instituting real change than any of us. In this case, I would encourage everyone to visit: http://www.blacklifematters.org/

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