“I saw that to do exceptionally well you have to push your limits and that, if you push your limits, you will crash and it will hurt a lot. You will think you have failed—but that won’t be true unless you give up.” - Ray Dalio, "Principles" -


    Proud High School Dropout (don't worry - I obtained my GED immediately thereafter)



    Entrepreneurship - Won TLC's show "Girl Starter with my co-founder and our startup, Tolli, Inc. Film - Experience as both an art department production assistant and a set decorator. Writing - No professional experience but working on a book of poetry and have been writing articles of introspective, retrospective and existential nature since I learned the alphabet.


    Entrepreneurship, fiction and nonfiction writing, set decorating (film), dressing hip & trendy, telling scary stories, yo-yoing, playing Yu-Gi-Oh competitively since 2003.