I am a mogul.

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    Nicole Hockley
    Founder and Managing Director for Sandy Hook Promise

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    Thanks Kathye!

    1.  Sandy Hook Promise is national - currently in 7000 schools from all 50 states and growing fast, so you can definitely help where you live.  Start by going to and Make The Promise.  We can then help you with specific activities where you live, including sharing our mission/message, bringing our no-cost programs to your community, donating to help deliver the programs, becoming a Trainer or Promise Leader, or advocating for sensible legislation.  

    2.  I ignore people who actively work against me.  I work very well with people that don't always share my opinion - you can learn so much from respectful conversation - but if someone is obviously only interested in making noise, I ignore them and put my energy elsewhere

    3.  We all talk to each other and coordinate each other where it makes sense, but we don't work together on every single idea.  Firstly, because we don't want to duplicate each other.  Second, we each have a unique path of how we are implementing change.  A movement is not one person or one organization - it is many working toward a common goal but staying laser-focused on their lane in the highway and the people they are trying to reach.  

    Hope that helps!

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