I am a mogul.


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    Naomi Wolf
    Bestselling Author, Journalist, Formal Advisor to a Presidential Campaign

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    Naomi, I am an activist and political scientist who has found herself currently homeless. Having now been on the inside of female shelters I see the crisis facing women with a precision and understanding I did not have prior to becoming homeless one week ago. Considering that you are an established activist who earns for her social justice work, I feel as though I need to ask you this question: how should and can vocal female activists protect themselves and loved ones from harm? I have been a victim of identity theft, slander, unlawful confinement and torture, domestic violence, rape and physical abuse. I am asking this for both myself as I am only 5 years into the activism world and also on behalf of those women just getting started who do not want to experience these negative consequences of trying to further progression. You are an inspiration. Thank you for doing what you do. Best, Arielle

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