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Moguls in Product is an invitation-only community of the most successful diverse product leaders worldwide across the Fortune 1,000 like Walmart, Apple, GE, Procter & Gamble, Dell, UnitedHealth Group; Big 3 Consulting Firms; and Top-Tier Growth Stage Startups. You MUST be a top product leader to join. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected], and we will get back to you shortly.

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Inclusion in private candidate database

Most leadership databases are non-diverse and non-inclusive, so Mogul will be including you in a private candidate database among diverse leaders worldwide. Recruiters from the Fortune 1000 and fastest-growing startups are regularly reviewing for top roles.

Direct recruiter contact

We understand that, as a leader, you might not get an opportunity to regularly network with recruiters on busy days. So if you are a match for a new opportunity, you will be directly contacted by the recruiter in charge.

Introductions with deep connection

Receive introductions to other leaders according to your goals, and deepen your relationships with others who understand what you are going through. Chat and connect with these top leaders to further strengthen your support system.

Early access to top opportunities

Leadership positions are attained 90% of the time through networking, but that network is 85% non-diverse. With the Leadership Membership, we therefore propel inclusive leadership by connecting you to confidential job opportunities from the Fortune 1000 and fastest-growing startups.

Insights into world-class companies

We provide you rare behind-the-scenes insights into top workplaces, where leaders share their "secret sauce" and strategies.

Global events & professional learning

Leadership members need to connect with one another while overcoming location barriers, so we offer quarterly virtual events focused on coaching and training on challenges and opportunities you are facing.

“Mogul has given me a chance to meet and connect with people from all over in the (new) monthly diversity calls, which has been a wonderful addition during the pandemic to get some friendly interaction as well as ideas on coping from other community members. I have also taken advantage of watching many of the videos available, mostly around finances and burnout, to try and put myself in a better position after this rough year. I can't wait until there are more Product Moguls so we can share our professional experiences - everyone should always be learning!”

Nicole Schwartz

Senior Product Manager GitLab

90% of executive positions are found through networking, but 85% of executive networks lean Caucasian male.

That’s why we created Moguls in Product

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Nicole Schwartz

Senior Product Manager at GitLab

Tracy Beehn

Product Development and Sourcing Leader at Costco

Sarah Olson

Consultant & Head of New Product Development at Momentum Directives LLC

Christine Grybos

Director Product Management at Brenntag Group

Linxin Gu

Product Manager at Nfernce

Monika Smyczek

Vice President Of Product Management at PhotoShelter

Candace Harman

Department Head - Product Management at CSBS

Gayathri Somanath

Sr. Director, Product (Head of Product) at Signifyd

Ninon Laforce

Head of Products at ISAAC Instruments

Kara Gillis

Director of Product Management at Splunk