I am a mogul.



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    Mikaela Katrina
    Miss Brazil 2016 and Model

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    Hey Kevin! Thanks! Yes, you could definitely say that. My mom was a model in New York back in her day, so I would see her pictures and they really inspired me! She was such a talented model, and I wanted to create art the same way she did in pictures. But being a model definitely isn't the only thing I wanted to do! I've always been a very creative, outdoorsy, and business minded person, so it's no surprise I began to pursue acting, horseback riding (on a professional level), singing, and a career in the entrepreneurial world. I am also a charity fanatic, and really would like to help the world for the better, which is actually the main reason I joined the pageantry world. You can read a bit more of my story here: and you'll see that being a beauty queen isn't just about the crown for me. It's about taking a stand, inspiring others to do the same, and making a change in the world. I feel like that is my main purpose in life.

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