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    Le Tote’s mission is to make fashion accessible for everyone, every day. Our unique platform gives customers access to an unlimited closet of clothing and accessories for a monthly membership fee.


    A culture of transparency, autonomy, communication and hard work.


    Obsess over customers

    The customer is at the center of everything we do. Respect and embrace her. Our success is dependent on building deep, meaningful relationships with our customers. We relentlessly advocate for the customer and focus on constantly improving the experience. Empathy is far more powerful than optimization.

    Do more with less

    Resourcefulness is core to who we are as a company. Spending is far easier than discipline, but rarely as effective. We deeply value resilience in the face of insurmountable odds. We hire for endless curiosity, persistence and grit over experience and pedigree. Dream big and hustle harder.

    Get things done 

    We believe in a strong bias towards action. We focus on outcomes rather than on processes and hold ourselves accountable for results. Flexibility and speed are competitive advantages and we reward people that can grow faster than the organization. We celebrate tenacity and know that done is better than perfect.

    Play, to win

    We have a deep desire to be the best. We believe in winning as a team and know that we will accomplish way more working together than any one of us working alone. We have the courage to make bold decisions. An eagerness to invent and innovate is required to win and we believe in taking smart risks. We support fast failure and know it is required to succeed. Being wrong is ok, playing it safe is not.

    Tell it like it is

    We take transparency very seriously. We encourage everyone to seek and speak the truth, especially when it is difficult to hear. Embrace constructive confrontation and engage candidly to build trust. Develop respectful, open and honest relationships with communication. Say what you think even if it is controversial.

    Have fun!

    Don’t take yourself too seriously. Humor and humility help build trust, encourage cooperation and foster creativity. We’re building a company that makes our customers lives more fun and enjoyable. If we don’t have a good time creating our product, no one will have a good time using it. Besides, life is too short to spend on boring things with people you don’t like.


    • Free le tote membership
    • 30% employee discount on purchases
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Wednesday group HITFIT class
    • Endless LT swag
    • Ping pong table
    • Fully stocked kitchen and bar
    • Tuesday catered lunches
    • Thursday team hosted happy hours
    • Flexible paid time off policy (including your birthday)
    • Well-subsidized health care, vision, and dental programs (for both you and your family)
    • Commuter Benefit options
    • BYO dog


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