I am a mogul.


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    Karina LeBlanc
    Internationally Recognized Professional Soccer Player, Olympic Bronze Medalist & Humanitarian

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    Great question. I get asked this a lot. It is a journey and you have to be looking for it and be willing to ask yourself the hard questions. For me, I thought my WHY was to play soccer for my country and then my coach actually pulled me aside and said "if you think your purpose on this earth is to kick a soccer ball for Canada, then I've failed you". It rocked me but it made me ask myself, "why am I here then". He has a reason for asking that because he has watched me and was challenging me to see myself beyond being only an athlete.

    Because I asked myself that question over and over, I started looking for the answers, and when you start looking you will always find things. 
    It lead me to becoming a UNICEF ambassador and once I did my 1st trip with UNICEF things started to become clearer. 
    Our lives are not about us, but about how we can use what we have been through to help others. We all have our own story and our own difficulties, but the lessons we learn in the difficult times, are meant to be shared to help others. 
    I know I want to impact people for the better and the HOW... if I live my true and authentic life, then that will happen.
    If you go about and try to be the best version of yourself in all ways everyday...and I mean as a woman, a sister, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a co-worker, a all ways, the answer will start to become clearer to you. We all have a greatness within in, it is just we lose it because the world tells us other wise. We all have a purpose on this earth, and all are just as important as the person next to us. The impact you may have may be intended for a bigger group of people, or it may be for one person. When you start to live the life you are meant to live, your WHY will become clearer.
    One other thing, in terms of impact, everyone thinks to really matter you have to impact many people. The truth is first be the person that impacts your own self, in that I mean, be the person where you inspire your own self. Then in being that person, and surrounding yourself with the right people who want to help lift you up, that is when you start living the life you are meant to live. When you do that, things will start to occur. 
    Be your best self to everyone. Try it. Even when you go to get coffee at the shop, be present. Ask the person who is making your coffee 'how are you doing'. When you start to value other people, you start to value yourself. Everyone wants to feel valued and that they matter. Start directly around you and see what happens. You will light up that fire within and that will also be a part of the journey.
    By the way, a lot of people don't know their WHY on this earth so this was a great question. Hope I was able to answer it well! 

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