Kaava super coolers – A smart choice Do you feel positive vibes when using sustainable and eco-friendly products? Certainly, a feeling of self-pride is ingrained due to the wise contribution. Eco-friendly products don’t harm the earth or the environment in any way – be it their production, use or disposal. However, still, we are surrounded by lots of products that promote global warming and intoxicates the serene ambiance. With the advent of smart innovations and tech savvy, new tools and technologies are always spinning. One of these unmatched innovation glimpses in the evaporative super air coolers, which proudly replaces the traditional air coolers. Though the superheroes sound cliché but there are extraordinary inventions that bridge the gap between dreamers and dreams, and one such invention is the Kaava super air coolers, which allow us to share real visions with the world. A research study shows that smart consumers make a better purchase decision, and this is evident from the data records – Approx. 70% of the broad-minded and affluent inhabitants in South America and South Australia use super air coolers over refrigerated air conditioners. The primary reason why they count on evaporative cooling techniques and stand against Ac’s is the positive impact on health and environment. This natural cooling phenomenon leads to sustainability and almost zero global warming.