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    We bring the power of insight to every great professional decision.


    At GLG, you’ll find smart, curious people in 22 offices in 12 countries, serving clients in 15 languages. We value and encourage curiosity, big ideas, bold thinking, and learning. We believe expanding your personal and professional expertise is both essential and meaningful. Our employees develop strong business acumen, communication, project management, and client service skills while demonstrating impeccable judgment, responsibility, and integrity.


    Learning & Curiosity


    Fresh Perspective






    We trust our hard-working employees to get their work done and to take time off when they need it – that’s why there’s no preset limit on vacation days. To help you save, GLG offers a 401(k) plan with a match on U.S. employee contributions. We are committed to providing high-quality healthcare options – including dental and vision – to our employees and their families. In our New York and Austin offices, our onsite baristas serve complimentary cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites (and countless other custom, caffeinated beverages) every day. GLG offers special rates on gym memberships and cell phone plans, as well discounts on computers, restaurants, personal travel, and much more. GLGers also have access to a stocked fridge and healthy(ish) snacks.


    We invest in our employees’ personal and professional development. We offer on-the-job training and mentorship opportunities for employees who are interested, including an internal mobility program for those who want to explore positions in a different office or change career paths entirely. We have a year-round Learning & Development program featuring prominent female business leaders, among others, speaking about their careers and experiences in their respective fields. GLG is also proud to offer new and expecting mothers competitive benefits.


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