I am a mogul.


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    Evan Wolfson
    New York, NY, United States Founder & President of Freedom to Marry

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    Thank you. I think there were many lessons from the Freedom to Marry campaign, many elements of success that can be adapted to other causes and battles – and there are certainly plenty underway right now! Before winding down, we compiled a lot of them on our website -- http://www.freedomtomarry.org/lessons-learned. I am now advising and assisting other organizations, other causes, and other countries, and often talk about what I call the “ladder of clarity” (see, for example, this piece I wrote -- http://bit.ly/2mUCqF4) and other key elements of success. The new documentary, also called THE FREEDOM TO MARRY, shows as well as tells some of the key elements of how we transformed hearts and minds, and then the law. I am happy it’s being embraced by other movements (immigration rights, gun control, environment, as well as LGBT causes) as a way of sharing inspiration and instruction (https://freedomtomarrymovie.com/).

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