"Women who behave rarely make history."


    I am going to graduate from Brooklyn Tech in 2019. I have completed programs and taken classes at Georgetown, Harvard, and UPenn.


    I got my first job as a Legal Assistant at a law firm in Queens at 14 years old. After leaving that job in order to attend a program at Georgetown, I returned to school sophomore year and made the Moot Court and Mock Trial teams. I started the Legal Outreach Council, which is a student rights and legal education organization, which has now grown its influence. After the summer of my sophomore year, I attended a college credit program Harvard University with other undergraduate students. Now, in my junior year, I have learned more about myself as an advocate and I try to take active steps to address problems in society. For example, I organized a multi-affinity group coalition of student leaders (Black Student Union, Gay Straight Alliance, and more) to meet and plan for inclusive and respectful events such as a multi-cultural fashion show. I also presented a workshop at a national leadership conference on student rights advocacy and as a result will be featured in a magazine that goes out to all National Honors Society advisors. I am also one of the lead organizers on a 1500+ student walkout to protest gun violence, as well as a TEDx speaker on what it means to challenge societal norms as a minority female going into the legal field. I aspire to attend my dream undergraduate college, and then Columbia Law School.