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    We aim to ensure that our national viewing audience is reflected in our programming and our people.  A work force comprised of a wide variety of perspectives, viewpoints and backgrounds is integral to our continued success.  This is not a campaign, but rather a fundamental way of doing business at CBS, and we continue to be steadfast in our goal to become more diverse and more representative of the public we serve.


    As one of the world’s leading media companies, we believe our corporate responsibility goes well beyond our commitment to improve the wellbeing of our shareholders and business partners. We are passionate about affecting positive social change and serving our communities with donations, community outreach, volunteer efforts, and diversity and veterans initiatives. #CBSCARES

Diversity & Inclusion

    CBS has been on the forefront of making diversity and inclusion a reality through a wide array of initiatives. Whether you are just starting your career or are already a seasoned professional, we are committed to empowering you, by creating and strengthening connections, and fostering professional and personal growth.


    Here at CBS, we pride ourselves on retaining our employees by giving them the opportunity to build their skill set and expand their horizons.  No one knows our business better than our employees do, which is why we consistently promote from within our ranks. We have a work hard, play hard mentality, and we strive for social atmosphere that encourages individual growth and recognition.


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The most important asset of our company is our employees