"Procrastination is the foundation of failure and missed opportunities." mine


    Business and Management



    Asoral (2005-Present) AMB Industries Business Partner 2012-2016 Asoral (Publishing) CEO 2010-2014 T&T Publishing (CEO) 1995-1999 SPECIAL PROJECTS GANSPA (Georgia Arts, Neo Soul & Poetry Awards) (Gifted Artists, Novelists, Speakers & Publishers Awards) • 2014 (partner/sponsor) • Researched and assisted in compilation of nominees • Provided financial support • Assisted with tallying votes • Behind the scenes support during Awards show 2015 (Director of Book Festival) • Selected categories for book nominees and awards • Responsible for Trophies • Provided financial support Asoral/Gemini Book Fair (2013) Executive Director • Designed and Created all promotional items • Funded the project • Selected, secured and decorated venue • Negotiated contracts and hired caterer, DJ and photographer AMB Training Core (Vice President) 2014 Founding partner • Developed, designed and wrote courses, program and manuals • Produced exercises, discussion questions, syllabi and final exams for programs and courses • Charged with researching and developing marketing strategy and plan • Challenged with creating advertising and promotional materials • Wrote policies and guidelines • Successfully developed the budget for the school Toasting with the Authors 2015 • Co-developed concept for the event • Designed and created all promotion material • Developed and implemented marketing and promotional strategy • Conceptualized promotional videos • Strategized with co-founder for maximum exposure of event Takeover Magazine 2016 • Successfully edits submitted articles • Writes and contribute materials for each issue • Challenged with producing an effective and attractive layout for the magazine • Develop marketing strategy and plan • Design promotional items • Cultivate and negotiate printing contact • Rally support of other team members for production purposes Mack Drama 2015-Present • Co-author (upcoming novel and eBook, articles) • Official editor of all articles and written material • Literary agent (acting) • Responsible for creative content of upcoming project

Who I Want To Be in Five Years

    The creator and host of a nationally successful show and network.