"We value trust, a caring attitude and a winning mentality. We want Trustpilot employees to show that they care about each other, they care about our work and they’re interested in creating great results. This encourages openness, honesty and transparency.” Peter Mühlmann, Trustpilot CEO

Present Honor

Top companies strongest female leaders 2018

Past Honors

Top innovators 2018 Top companies millennial women 2018


    We help people buy with confidence and we help companies harness the power of reviews. Sharing experiences builds trust and transparency. Let's strengthen the conversation between businesses and consumers.


    New Hire program, work-life balance & flexible hours, tax-free travel pass for public transport, relocation package, referral bonus DKK 10.000, company bonus scheme, stock options after one year, 20% passion project time (tech), quarterly hackathons (tech), child sick: 1st day paid. 

    Breakfast, lunch & snacks every day, monthly Friday bars, social club with fun events, president's club to exotic locations (sales), Danish classes at the office (beginners) 

    Other benefits of working in Denmark: 

    25 days of vacation per year, paid sick days, standing desks, pc screen glasses (if needed), free health care, 52 weeks of parental leave (mother and father combined), government subsidized day care, free education (compulsory + secondary public schools) 


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