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TrialSpark is a technology company that helps bring treatments to patients faster.

Today, clinical trials are the bottleneck to bringing life-saving treatments to patients. Trials are slow, inefficient, and expensive. We believe that we can use technology to accelerate the pace of clinical trials and bridge the gap between medical research and patients who need treatment.

New York, NY
51-200 employees
Founded 2017

Bringing new treatments to patients faster by reimagining the clinical trial.


We're passionate about democratizing access to clinical trials and the newest drugs and therapies.

Promising new treatments are discovered every day, but most never reach the patients who need them. Our mission is to bring treatments to patients faster and more efficiently by reimagining the clinical trial process.

We’ve worked with treatments for Ebola, Depression, and HIV. Our reach is growing rapidly, and building a world class team is core to achieving our mission.


Our company values guide and unify our approach to bringing new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently. Our strength as a team comes from our many different backgrounds, and our values connect us through a common language. At TrialSpark, we believe that our success will be singularly driven by the people we attract to our mission and a culture defined by accountability to our values.

  • Think in first principles

    At TrialSpark, we are looking to disrupt an established industry. We interrogate decisions and solve problems from first principles – we don’t do something just because that’s the way it’s always been done. By approaching work with curiosity and purpose, we believe we can achieve results that seem impossible on the surface.

  • Be a scientist

    Our mission oftens leads us into uncharted territory, where the best path forward is not obvious. At TrialSpark, we value scientists: people who are able to structure ambiguity and boldly carve a path forward through experimentation, iteration, and reflection. We problem-solve without ego and learn from mistakes.

  • Deliver care

    Given our immense ambitions, the path to success will be long. We believe in caring for ourselves and others along the way by building an environment of trust, transparency, and growth. We strive to make TrialSpark a diverse, equitable, inclusive work environment where all are committed to helping each other grow and feel they belong.

  • Champion the mission

    Our mission – to bring new treatments to patients faster and more efficiently – is our north star. At TrialSpark, we elevate the mission in everything we do: the decisions we make, the work we choose to do, and the people we choose to work with. Because when you’re developing tomorrow’s life-changing treatments, every day matters.

Diversity & Inclusion

Why is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion important to our mission?

Bringing clinical trials into communities allows us to get promising treatments into the hands of a more diverse population of patients and, if we are successful in the long run, this will increase the diversity and affordability of treatments that are available to everyone. Unequal access to healthcare is a form of violence that impacts minority communities. We are committed to dismantling systemic disparities in healthcare to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve better health.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - External Initiatives

As a company, we are committing to:1) Educate our doctors to increase awareness around the challenges that BIPOC communities face.2) Democratize access to clinical trials for minority groups through our network.3) Expand the diversity of our investigators by launching programs that lower barriers to participation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Internal Initiatives

Internally, we focus on hiring a diverse team. We accomplish this through our highly structured interview process, creating diverse interview panels, holding interviewers accountable to our measurable rubric, and holding ourselves accountable to measurable DEI sourcing goals. However, the work does not stop at hiring.  We want to make TrialSpark employees feel they belong by treating them equitably, offering resources for their success, and providing a multitude of opportunities for growth. 


We offer flexible PTO, meaning you can take vacation without worrying about tracking or accrual. 

A robust selection of comprehensive health plans offer great, affordable coverage for employees.


We’re brought together by our mission to deliver treatments to patients faster, and also by lots of team events, food, and fun! Sparkies enjoy ample team bonding time, with events such as offsites, happy hours, and bookclub!

Midday group meditation, "Whiskey Wednesdays", or lino printmaking class taught by one of our team members, there's something to spice up everyone's day at Trialspark.

Opportunities at TrialSpark