Titan America

Titan America is a leading environmentally- and socially-progressive heavy building materials company located in the eastern United States.  We’ve been in operation since 1902 and we remain a family-led business with a values-oriented, people-focused culture.

Our products protect human life and personal property, improve the quality of life, generate economic prosperity and connect society.  Our Values guide how we conduct ourselves and our business affairs, particularly with regard to our customers, our employees, our communities and the environment.

Norfolk, Virginia
Building Materials
1001-5000 employees
Founded 1902


We aim to grow as an independent, multiregional, vertically integrated cement producer, combining entrepreneurial spirit and operating excellence with respect for people, society and the environment.


We are committed to living by the following values in all areas and all levels of our business:

  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Know-how
  • Value to the customer
  • Commitment to results
  • Continuous improvement
  • Corporate social responsibility

Social impact

Titan America is committed to making the world a better place for present and future generations. Our vision is that of a sustainable world for growing populations and higher living standards. Sustainable means having 1) a long functional life, and 2) a small lifecycle environmental footprint.

Concrete structures achieve both. They have the longest lifespan of all types of construction and the smallest environmental footprint over their long lifecycles. Our goal is to continuously improve this to a) increase the life of concrete structures even further, and b) reduce the lifecycle environmental footprint of concrete structures to zero or net positive.

This requires continuous education, innovation and investment. It is not a straight line, as out of ten ideas or initiatives, one or two may be ultimately successful. It requires participating in and contributing to industry-wide initiatives. It requires collaborating on win-win programs with government that encourage and reward innovation and risk taking. It requires collaborating with other segments of the construction and structures value chain. It is a never-ending marathon, not a periodic sprint.

We are committed to this process and have the support of a parent company that has been in the industry for more than a century with a long term vision of the business.

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