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ThoughtSpot is a Modern Analytics Cloud company. Our mission is to create a more fact-driven world with the easiest-to-use analytics platform. 

With ThoughtSpot, anyone can leverage natural language search and AI to find data insights and tap into the most cutting-edge innovations the cloud data ecosystem has to offer. 

Companies can put the power of their modern data stack in the hands of every employee, extend the value of their data to partners and customers, and automate entire business processes. Customers can take advantage of our web and mobile applications to improve decision making for every employee. 

With our low-code development platform, customers can also embed consumer-grade analytics into their SaaS offerings or build entirely new interactive data apps that engage users and keep them coming back for more.

What is ThoughtSpot? 

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Mountain View, California
Computer Software
501-1000 employees
Founded 2012

The Modern Analytics Cloud Company


We believe the world would be a better place if everyone had easier access to facts. ThoughtSpot exists to create a more fact-driven world through simple, yet easy to use technology. To do so, data insights need to be easy to get, consume, and understand. Data concepts and the overall experience need to be familiar so companies can focus on the data and what it means. This is what we strive to achieve every day.

Diversity & Inclusion

The leadership team at ThoughtSpot recognizes that a diverse and inclusive workforce ultimately drives innovation. Multiple voices lead to new ideas, encourage out-of-the-box thinking, and create new opportunities. ThoughtSpot’s mission is to create a more fact-driven world for every human. This mission itself demands inclusion - reaching every human is only possible through a variety of perspectives, approaches, and ideas.

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We describe our culture in two simple words: Selfless Excellence. What this means is that we aim to be excellent in everything we do, but do things in a selfless way that puts the customer, company, and team ahead of ourselves. At ThoughtSpot, we aim to build a diverse culture where every employee feels welcome and a true sense of belonging.

Our approach to culture is about hiring team members that bring something new to the table instead of perfectly matching the current team. We assess how well a candidate can contribute to the collective intelligence of our team, rather than nebulous ideas of fitting the status quo.

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"Love working at ThoughtSpot because in addition to having great colleagues, we have an awesome executive team who actively seek feedback & engage with employees so that you feel welcome. It’s a great place to work, as you get the opportunity to be involved in a lot of projects (if you are interested and willing to put in the hard work). There are good development opportunities, and you are able to be creative and contribute to building the company whilst shaping the culture. I especially love the no HQ culture, the flexibility, the free lunches and fully stocked kitchens."
Portia Mensah
"ThoughtSpot is an amazing company. I work with passionate and intelligent people, and we care for and help each other do the best work of our careers. I love working with this world-class team and building the next generation of BI tools. We’re working to change the way leaders gain business insight through the power of search and AI. It’s a huge opportunity and ThoughtSpot is up to the challenge!"
Matt More

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