Diversity and inclusion are recognized, celebrated, and supported at ThoughtFocus. We believe an inclusive culture engages and empowers everyone and has helped in making our company stronger than ever.


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    We are a focused team of talented and inspired Individuals that come together to create client delight in the technology experience and ultimately make lives better.


    Within a broad framework of teamwork, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, we encourage our associates to achieve and excel in ways they may never have imagined for themselves. Solving complicated client problems requires great people. ThoughtFocus is a firm built on the talent of its people. 

    We work hard every day to nurture and expand our team members capabilities. Being a ThoughtFocus team member, you will be challenged every day to deliver innovative business solutions, elegant technology, and sophisticated business services focused on our client’s end goals. 

    When talent acquisition engages with candidates one of the key qualities attracting professionals to our organization is the opportunity to join a company where each person can directly make an impact on the success of the company, that of our clients and their customers, and can make a difference throughout. 

    Every member knows their hard work, creativity, and ability to work in a collaborative environment will have a huge impact on our short term and long term success.


    Trust: We trust in the good of others. Our word is our bond. We cultivate a spirit of honesty and feedback while delivering on our commitments. 

    Passion(ate): Our team members are driven by success and are excited about our approach. We have a positive can do attitude and drive to get the job done. The company is focused on making each employee know they are valued and appreciated. We show pride in our services and brand and promote a positive, energizing, optimistic and fun environment. 

    Relationships: Our business was born from solid relationships. Our client's success is our purpose; something each employee is mindful each day. As a result, it has been our long term lasting client and employee partnerships that have come to signify our approach.

    Teamwork: All opinions matter as we make decisions for the greater good. We value diversity in thought, the unity of purpose, openness, and learning with each interaction. Our team thrives off of the energy that comes from going beyond the expected. 

    Excellence: We achieve results and celebrate when we do. We help our employees to be their best by providing coaching and feedback We make the tough calls, offer more than is expected, and are highly accountable. The company serves our clients through the highest standard for delivery. 

    Impact: Each employee makes a positive impact with our clients and co-workers.  Your impact makes a difference through hard work, creativity, and the ability to work in a collaborative environment. 


    Health and wellness for you and your family, income protection, time off, retirement planning, achievement rewards, and a career path.


    At ThoughtFocus, employee resource groups start at the grassroots individual level and are strengthened with the full support of the CEO and the entire leadership team. We champion and help women succeed in the technology industry and lead at ThoughtFocus. 

    Additionally, we actively help military veterans transition to civilian jobs and join our ranks. 

    It is a company policy to invite those who identify as LGBTQ to carry the tech superhero flag and develop opportunities for people whose abilities complement those of our exceptionally capable teams. 

    Since its founding, the company has recognized the importance of different points of view in arriving at great solutions. Our teams are composed of people from diverse backgrounds who bring to the company their own perspectives, dynamism and cultural diversity. 

    At ThoughtFocus, we welcome people of varying genders, nationalities, and religious beliefs with equal enthusiasm. We believe this is the right thing and smart thing to do, one that creates a work environment that encourages and forsters the best talent and ideas.


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