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Textio's mission is to build software that creates understanding between people. Our category-defining augmented writing platform is transforming how people communicate. Textio brings the world's most advanced language insights into your hiring and employer brand content. Inclusive, on-brand content, every time you write.

Textio was named Washington’s Best Midsize Company to Work for by Seattle Business Magazine and one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. Textio was founded in Seattle, but now we’re a fully distributed team working from eight states across the U.S. If you live in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Texas, or Washington, let’s talk!

Seattle, Washington
Computer Software
51-200 employees
Founded 2014


These principles guide our work. When you set out to invent a new kind of software—and a new kind of company—one day you’ll come to work and find that you don’t know how to do something. You’ll meet a new kind of problem that you’ve never solved, or start a conversation that you don’t know how to have, or discover a need for something that’s never been made before. For Textios, these are days that we love. We meet these challenges together, by acting on a shared set of principles. It’s what make us a team.

Lead with curiosity

We love to ask and listen, because the most enduring innovations arise from real human needs. We embrace ambiguity, since the strongest ideas are rarely the easiest or most apparent ones. We challenge our own assumptions, knowing that meaningful change comes when we open our minds together.

Leave no one behind

At each step of our journey, we work to become more inclusive and nurture a sense of belonging for everyone on our team: it’s the key to unlocking our greatest potential. We seek out and lift up authentic perspectives, not just convenient ones; we can all be our whole selves with each other. We continuously create—and invest in—opportunities to diversify our leadership, our teams, our communities, and our culture.

Learn by making

We build early, rather than waiting for the perfect solution to reveal itself; we need to see how stuff works. We experiment often, confident that a truly sound point of view will only get stronger when we test it. We’re partners in creativity: our best work grows in the space we make for each other’s ideas.

Lean into the details

We’re artisans of quality, viewing every decision in the light of how it contributes to the whole. We choose with intentionality, seeing the impact of our actions and owning the trade-offs. We strive to fill the gaps, knowing that all the little things add up to more than their sum.

Listen to the loop

We map out our path to success, so that for each goal attempted, we’ll know when we’ve reached it. We measure our progress and act on the outcomes; we’re accountable to the visions that we create. We launch, we learn, we celebrate, and then we go again: further, together.


Textio provides outstanding benefits, starting with fully paid family medical, dental, and vision insurance for you and your dependents. We also provide free professional coaching by Bravely, and more. We offer competitive salaries combined with generous leave and time off policies, including shared days off and time to volunteer at a nonprofit of your choosing. If you volunteer there enough, we’ll even donate money to them. We strive to give you everything you need to both love your job and do amazing work, on terms that are right for you and for your family.


Textio culture is a startup environment that combines a vibrant mix of energies from different people in different places around the country. You choose where to work and when to take time off—and sometimes we take days off as a team. We’re a close-knit group that thrives on mutual respect and mutual support. We’re always trying out new things, as individuals and as a team, and we learn as we go.

When experienced people with diverse talents are inspired to come together and build something important, the industry takes notice. Textio has been voted the #1 place to work in Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. Fast Company put us on their list of the Most Innovative Companies. And in 2021, Textio co-founder Kieran Snyder was chosen by Geekwire as CEO of the Year.

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