Live experiences hold the keys to happiness.


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    We exist to connect people with the teams, artists and people they care about most, and we aim to pass down our passion for live experiences. 


    We are StubHub One

    We act as one team in pursuit of connecting people with the teams, artists and people they care about most. We're bold, inventive and are constantly upping our game. And we're always looking for people who have unique perspectives and are passionate about experiencing the world through live events. 


    We are courageous

    It's ok to take risks. That's why every Stubber is encouraged to assert their opinions, try new things, and live their passions with confidence and conviction. If you have an idea for how we can work better, say it out loud.

    We are driven

    Life's too short to settle for the status quo. Since the year 2000, StubHub has been a leader and every Stubber has a relentless focus on achieving more. We don't wait for a need to arise – we proactively solve problems, take action and get work done.

    We are inventive

    Curiosity is the first step toward bringing a new idea to life. StubHub has had a lot of industry firsts, including the introduction of the first ticketing application, the first interactive seat mapping tool, 360 virtual views of venues, and an algorithm that makes it easy to find the best deals. And, not to brag or anything, but we've gotten some great recognition for our chat bot and app for Apple TV.

    We are the brand

    The best things in life are live. And that's exactly how Stubbers experience the world: from screaming our heads off at baseball games and rugby matches to watching the world's finest performers onstage, we know firsthand just how life-changing these events can be for the people we serve.

    We are richly diverse

    An open mind opens opportunities. As a global company, we embrace all cultures, styles and ways of working. From an industry-leading, 100% paid parental leave policy to flextime and floating holidays to a generous, fully paid sabbatical program, we care about every Stubber's experiences, interests and personal situations.


    Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Wellness Program, PTO and Holidays, Sabbatical, 401(k) Plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP), Employee Referral Program, eBay Development Workshops, Tuition Reimbursement, Adoption Assistance Program and Pet Insurance.


    Communities of Inclusion are employee-led, leader-sponsored groups that promote a culture of belonging at StubHub. Our communities focus on age, disability status, ethnicity, gender, religion, military status, parental status, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. With chapters all over the world, our communities provide a safe space for employees to discuss topics and participate in activities. Most important, all of our employees are welcome.