It’s on us. We have to make things that matter. Things that count. Beautiful things, wild things, messy things—but things that resonate. Things that drive people to action. Things that move the needle.


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    Our mission is to help brands disrupt the status-quo by re-imagining their customer’s experience at every touchpoint: physical, digital, social, traditional and even virtual. We craft brands and experiences to inspire, inform and delight customers. We focus on producing measurable results for your brand in the form of increased revenue, efficiencies and brand love. We do this through a unique human-centric and iterative process, moving quickly from ideas to outcomes. We believe in creating a more equal world by fostering diversity and inclusiveness in our culture.


    At Struck, we’re intentional about creating a culture that’s human-centric, adaptive, anddiverse—just like our solutions. We prioritize empathy. We get invested. We stay nimble. And we value different viewpoints. At the heart of this approach is a methodology called design thinking, which involves a continuous cycle of observing, reflecting, and making. This means being more iterative, more collaborative, and more inclusive in everything we do.



    This isn’t about romance, it’s about understanding, empathy, compassion, and giving yourself completely to help achieve a common goal. It’s getting into the mind of a user, a client, or acustomer—remembering that we’re all human and that connection is real and meaningful.


    There’s no room for violence or abuse in our world, but this fight is something different. We believe in doing the right thing—and in fighting for the results and outcomes that our clients and their customers deserve. We’re not afraid of healthy conflict. We owe one another honesty andopenness—and we know that the collision of diverse perspectives yields magic.


    Always be changing—as people, as a team, as a business. We don’t lock into a single solution or hold on to the past. We love the future, and our primary ambition is to help our clients evolve to meet the needs of their users, customers, and fans. If there’s a better way to do something, we 'll try it. We’ll break it. Then we’ll make something new.


    - Health benefits (medical, dental, vision)

    - Holidays & paid leave

    - 401K

    - Life insurance

    - Long- and short-term disability

    - Parking

    - Flexible schedules

    - Office dogs

    - An office DJ (or two or three or four)

    - A rooftop bar (hey, Portland!)

    - A diverse team spread across three states


    We’re always looking for ways to better support women and cultivate a more diverse team. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken and initiatives we’ve established to ensure we’re leading by example:

    - We host scheduled diversity and inclusion trainings

    - We implement monthly Struck Ed sessions on empathy

    - We send bi-weekly Struck Ed emails on gender equality

    - We adopted a new parental leave policy. And we've already had two employees enjoy the benefit. 

    - We were active advocates/allies/participants in the Day Without A Woman protests/activities

    - We implemented EEOC Compliance on all job applicants and established a process to regularly review EEOC data

    - We introduced a mentorship program (for 10 people at Struck) with an emphasis on inclusivity and building more diverse leaders

    - We empower our employees to work from home when doing so makes their lives easier.

    - We foster relationships with like-minded organizations and groups (AIGA, SWIM, 3%) 

    - We developed new field guides (for creative directors, account directors, and producers) that have a focus on inclusion and building diverse teams. 

    - We're proactive about finding more diverse candidates through channels like Mogul. Of our five most recent hires, four have been women


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