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Abrikoss Loveawake
5mo Madrid, Испания Story
Your Personal Dating Curve - How to Tell If He's Worth a Date

This graph, drawn by a friend of Loveawake Adam C. on a bar napkin slightly under the influence one evening, represents your own personal Dating Curve: Simply match up your personality and looks requirement (on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being highest) to find your own specific dateability range.

Each person has his or her own taste, and, thus, their own line. It then naturally follows that everyone you meet will fall somewhere on the chart, depending on how you perceive him or her in looks and personality.

Anyone you meet who falls above your line is someone you'd potentially be interested in dating. But if he or she deviates too far to the right of your line (Area 3), be warned -- you're venturing out of your league. The closer a potential mate is to the line, the more likely a match will be made (Area 2). A person below your line (Area 1) would be someone you wouldn't normally consider dating.

If your personal line is closer to the Y-axis -- Looks -- you care less about personality in a mate (it's easy to fall into the "dateable" range despite a low personality score if your subject is hot enough.)

Although your line represents your personal standards, it is important to be realistic -- where would you rank yourself in looks and personality? Are you a super-hot a**hole? A funny but acne-pocked sweetheart?
Everyone else is ranked according to your standards, but this means that the same person could fall in different areas depending on who's doing the ranking.

Let's take another look:
In the graph above there are two examples (ratings are for example only and do not reflect the individuals named.)

LINE A: This person, Adam, would date anyone he ranks in Area 2 or 3, though 3 might be a stretch.
LINE B: This person, Erin, would only date people she ranks in Area 3 or 4 and thus might be said to have higher standards. (She's also drastically shrinking her pool of potential mates.)
AREA 1: If either Erin or Adam dated a person they ranked in this area they would be lowering their standards, whereas Erin would also be dating down, in her opinion, if she dated someone she ranked in Area 2.

Now it's time to get interactive! Draw your own dating curve and go post it on our Facebook page. Extra points for including your ex-boyfriends and crushes, and double extra-points if yours is also on a bar napkin. (In which case camera phone photos are strongly encouraged.)

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