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Tianna Leigh
Tianna Leigh Spreader of positivity
1y Phoenix, AZ, United States Story
You are allowed to speak your truth

Do you ever find yourself walking on eggshells whenever you’re around someone? Do you find that their presence makes you uncomfortable? Do you find that you stay quiet more often than not around this person for fear that you might “upset” them? Why do we do this?! Why do we not honor our truth, our feelings, ourselves? Communication is the key to all relationships; platonic, romantic, family, children…etc. You must always be able to speak your truth. That means you can calmly and rationally communication your stance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. You feel the way you do for a reason; don’t ignore that. Are some conversations going to be tough, uncomfortable; emotional? You betcha! Don’t go out of your way to be an asshole, but speak out! Sometimes communicating requires getting uncomfortable, but once you speak your truth you will feel so much better. Be considerate when choosing your words, but please don’t silence yourself to appease another. In the end; you’re the only one who will suffer.


Instead of carrying all the weight on your shoulders; speak your truth. The only way to truly live a fulfilled life is to ensure you are always in alignment with yourself. Only you know how you feel. Only you know what you’re thinking. Only you know your perception. Never assume others simply know how you’re feeling about a situation or a person. We are all in our own minds and living our own experiences. Sometimes it’s simply necessary to say it out loud. You are allowed. Don’t anticipate how the other person will react; that’s on them. Simply speak your truth. You are allowed to tell someone they hurt you. You are allowed to tell someone why you feel the way you do. Authentic communication will get you further in life than sweeping everything under the rug. Face things head on and the more you do; the easier it will become.


Honor yourself. You always have the right to speak your truth.


Love and light,

Tianna Leigh

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Report this post
Tianna Leigh
Spreader of positivity

I love connecting on a deeper level and having authentic conversation makes me light up. I envision a big future in contribution to others through writing my memoir and Tianna Leigh blog, speaking and by sharing my inspirational quotes. I look forward to inspiring the world one step a time...

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