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Tara Fass, LMFT
Tara Fass, LMFT Licensed Psychotherapist in Los Angeles
5mo Story
'William:'  Human/Neanderthal  Frankenstein Meets Snow Plow Co-Parents

         What if the big eyed Neanderthals were morally superior to homo sapiens?  

A must-see, 'William,' opened at  Laemmle's, a bi-coastal movie theater chain specializing in independent and foreign films, located in Manhattan, NY, and  Santa Monica, LA.  Thoroughly entertaining as it is serious and heartwarming, 'William' subtly addresses several contentious 'hot topics' of our day.  'William' is a perfect companion piece to the ethics of genetic cloning and the angst over standardized testing which erupted recently as a corruption scandal nonpareil for special snowflakes vying for a seat at bastions of higher learning.  In theaters April 12, 2019 


Directed by Tim Disney, William is a tragic comedic film about the life and challenges of a half Neanderthal half normal adolescent grappling with coming of age sexuality issues of identity formation.  

Poly-math, super hyphenate and master story teller Tim Disney discusses his process leading to 'William' a sleeper that works on a multitude of levels.   

The plot is based on bent science with plausible family dynamics surrounding star academics, Doctors Julian Reed and Barbara Sullivan, who fall in love with each other and with the idea of cloning a Neanderthal from ancient DNA. Against the express directive of University administrators they follow through on this audacious idea. The result is William: the first Neanderthal to walk the earth for some 35,000 years. 

William tries his best to fit into the world around him. But his distinctive physical features and his unique way of thinking--his “otherness”--set him apart and provoke fear. William’s story is powerful and unique, but his struggle to find love and assert his own identity in a hostile world is universal--and timeless.

 DIRECTOR: Tim Disney

STARRING Will Brittain, Waleed Zuaiter, Maria Dizzia, and Beth Grant

SCREENPLAY: Tim Disney, J.T. Allen

PRODUCERS: Amar Balaggan, Jonathan DuBois.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Bill Haney, Peter Newman

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Tara Fass, LMFT
Licensed Psychotherapist in Los Angeles

Tara Fass, LMFT #35078, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles, California. She treats adults and couples dealing with a broad range of issues from navigating the legacy of divorce in one's life, to the quarter life crisis and conscious aging. Together we attempt to make meaning [...]

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