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Why You Should Buy Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees?

Saree is the weaving of Indian culture and tradition of more than thousand years, without losing the charm or popularity and staying evergreen. The weaving tradition of India today revolves around the sarees, with ethnic wears worn across the country on not just special occasions but also in daily use due to vast variety. Saree is not like other outfits, the 6 yards drape shows a lot of elegance and serenity of our culture and tradition becoming an unavoidable and irresistible companion of every woman. Silk Sarees are those evergreen bits that have been dominating the textile industry for more than 4000 years, with our country being the second largest producer of the same.

Today a saree has taken up a lot of changes, with branded sarees in trend all fashion lovers and enthusiasts are adoring it across the world. With stylish different ways of draping in trend, saree is becoming acceptable to women of all age group and every class. However as always said, Old is Gold the traditional silk sarees never lose its charm and elegance when it comes to glamour and style. One of such well accepted and versed saree is Bhagalpuri silk Saree, whose elegance and grace is always accepted by women of every age. The fabric used in Bhagalpuri sarees is widely accepted for its fineness

Bhagalpuri sarees are basically the invention of artwork from the soil of Bhagalpur in Bihar, also known as silk city whose emergence goes back to the Vedic ages. Particularly Bhagalpuri silk sarees can be claimed to have been started and attained popularity some two hundred years ago, one of the oldest artworks of India. The task that was once considered ordinary of just separating threads from silkworms and then yarn spinning the same slowly and slowly got appreciated by a lot of people and even Mughals could not stop themselves from appreciating the beauty of this craftsmanship.

Bhagalpuri artwork is the most celebrated artwork of the ancient times becoming most demanding and appealing to people. The Bhagalpuri silk sarees managed to involve as many art workers as possible of various age groups to showcase their talent of weaves and craft. The various design pattern and motifs used are symbolic to the Indian culture and surroundings of Bhagalpur area. If you notice then Bhagalpuri silk saree has a lot of use to bright multi-color threads thereby making a vibrant composition and texture.

Today Bhagalpuri sarees have spread its wings and have formed a lot of varieties like Giccha, Mulberry, Eri, Katia and a lot more thereby spreading the essence of elegance and delicacy. Today Bhagalpuri silk sarees come in the mixture of cotton as well as silk with multiple colors and prints with embroideries and patterns.

If you already have one in your shelf or planning to buy one then let me tell you that maintaining these Bhagalpuri sarees is very simple as you just have to get them dry cleaned. Just as any other saree they need to keep in clean dry and airtight box wrapped properly with paper so that there are no chances of moisture moving in. Bhagalpuri sarees are a bundle of elegance, so what makes you wait? Just grab one for your collection and flaunt the craftsmanship with grace and elegance.

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