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Why Several Enterprises Come To Chris Egan Roxas To Strategically Improve Their Business Model

For an enterprise, the idea of improving their business model through marketing, advertising, and branding should be nothing but cost-efficient. It means either establishing an in-house creatives to get the job done or opening their doors to hand-picked agencies to pitch their campaigns.

The rest are relentless days of working with a multitude of people involved in one single project - executed by industry partners of the winning agency: production team for the shoot, another production house for editing, and a media buyer for public reach.

Hundreds of approvals later and the idea has been re-crafted by various artists with different levels of understanding about the direction of the business. This, as we know it, is the traditional road traveled by most entrepreneurs when it comes to improving their brand or business image.

Then, came the XS Group.

From Traditional to Radical

Amidst the rise of experiential marketing, enterprises are now looking for agencies that can quickly churn out brand experiences that consumers can be a part of - and sustain it - within a budget. This is a challenge that the traditional advertising framework has been struggling with. Too much outsourced brain power means higher overhead cost and longer turnaround time. 

The concept of having an end-to-end agency in 2018 has been Chris Egan Roxas’ bread and butter for nearly a decade now. As one of the youngest advertising prodigy in the Philippines, Chris had this idea of disrupting the typical business model by housing everything in one-roof: from the Concept Team (XS Multimedia) to the Production and Post Production Team (XS PostLab), a publishing platform (We the Pvblic) and a digital marketing arm (XS by XS). Chris changed the way advertising agencies work - bringing Creativity back to the throne. 

The XS Group’s radical and cost-efficient structure of improving business models has bagged recognitions from award-giving bodies all over the world: one of RED Herring Top 100 Emerging Companies in Asia, WebSummit’s 5th Hardest Working Startup Company in The World, and a winner at Shanghai Innovations Awards, to name a few.

Chris and his XS Group, has destroyed the tradition and established one of the first disruptive creative innovation agencies for enterprises in the new world. The company has grown to include award-winning artists, communication experts, digital strategists, lifestyle photographers, videographers and content creators, among others.

Along with cultivating local talents comes the XS Group’s expansion of clientele, including the Philippine’s leading telecommunications company, lifestyle and entertainment brands, an international marketing conglomerate, a global beauty brand, agricultural ventures and even startups. 

What It Takes Took To Become Self-Made

What’s surprising about all these successes is that Chris brought them into fruition inadvertently.

Finding no triumph in his state of life in 2008, Chris started freelancing then after resigning from his post as an art director for a top broadcasting company in the Philippines. That bold move was backed by nothing but a laptop, a vision and a few hundred Philippine pesos.

Chris had to find clients by himself and catch big fishes, he even had to pretend to have a creative team of his own at one point. True enough, more clients flowed in and the vision became more real. Single-handedly, Chris was able to finish those projects on his own and used the payments, in agency’s rate, to buy professional grade equipment and form his own organization, eventually registering XS Design Studio in 2012.

This journey later became the inspiration for the XS Group - multiple companies working together as a single unit to reach one goal: a brutally creative experience for brands.

“I used to get intimidated by older CEOs who would comment that either I was too young to be the president of my own company or too foolish to have any actual foresight as to where I wanted to lead my company. Later on, I realized that being a millennial CEO was an advantage because compared to my more ‘seasoned’ counterparts, I am not too apprehensive in taking risks concerning my business.”

Fast-forward to 2018 and the idea of improving business models through marketing, advertising, and branding has just become unitized in the size XS. Several enterprises have already made the move. Now, it’s your turn.

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