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Anushka Thakur
Anushka Thakur helping indian women
13d los angeles Story
Why Quality Matters When It Comes To Buying Diamonds

We women love diamond. They make us look more attractive and defines our personality. But along with the adornment diamonds can be also a wise investment. Diamonds are lifelong and extremely exclusive as well as expensive assets. So it is mandatory for one to ensure quality when it comes to buying diamonds as it stays as a lifelong investment and if it is of good quality, its value increases exponentially with time. There are two types of diamonds :

  • Natural diamonds

  • Synthetic or lab-grown diamonds

To a naked eye, as synthetic as well as natural diamond may seem alike, but a natural diamond is formed below the earth’s crust billions of years. While synthetic diamonds are developed in labs which are made with the same materials but it is an instant way of approach to make diamonds. This method makes it less antique and thus it has a lesser market value as well as it has lesser integrity when it comes to an investment. It is not possible for a common man to differentiate between lab grown and natural diamonds without any special equipment, thus it is very necessary to examine the quality and all the other factors when planning to buy one. Here are some other influencing factors which should be kept in mind while buying diamonds :

1. Fluorescence of a diamond :

Fluorescence is the property which shows how the diamond behaves when put under ultraviolet light. Diamonds tend to give a soft and tender glow when kept under such conditions. More fluorescence gives haziness to the diamond and makes it look blurry than clear and thus its value reduces in the market.

2. Shape (cut) :

It is a major point which decides the value of the diamond in the market and shape ensures quality when it comes to the market of gemstones. The shape and cut change according to latest trends but as a convention, round shaped diamonds of the same carat size are way more expensive than other shaped like radiants, cushions, etc.

3. Colour :

Diamonds are available in color range of light yellow to transparent. More will be the transparency, more will be the value of the diamond in the market. In fact, transparent synthetic diamonds are also as expensive as the natural ones. 

4. Clarity :

Clarity is something which defines the quality. Clarity defines the amount of inclusion or blemishes present in the diamond. There is a grading scale to define the clarity of a diamond which is :

  • Flawless (FL)

  • Internally Flawless (IF)

  • Very very slightly included (VVS₁ AND VVS₂)

  • Slightly Included

  • Included

It is very tough to find the diamonds having first and second kind of clarity. So, the VVS diamonds should be your go to choice for investment. 

5. Symmetry and Polishing :

These are the two factors by which the finishing of diamonds are defined. Polishing is the removal of unwanted materials from the surface of it and symmetry can be explained as the efforts made to make it look better and shinier when light falls on it. 

These were some important factors that affect the quality of a diamond. It is of utmost difficulty to understand but with some effort and knowledge, one can treasure it for a lifetime as an asset or in the form of investment.

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Anushka Thakur
helping indian women

Hi, I am Anushka Chauhan a social activist and a writer. Born in a village and being a woman it was not easy to get basic education. Thanks to my father who fought the society to give me proper education. I believe writing has the power to change anything and here I am to make a change.

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