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Why Personal Development Is the Key to Scaling Your Business

In the US alone, personal development is a $9.9 billion industry and is growing on an annual basis globally. Many entrepreneurs, career professionals credit their success to personal development and the truth is it’s difficult to grow your income or any area of your life without investing in yourself and growth. 

Dr. Saman Bakhtiar is a successful fitness entrepreneur and when asked for his 3 lessons that have helped him to scale him to the 7-figure mark and beyond- the number one tip he mentioned is investing in himself and his personal growth. 

“You can’t outgrow your income. Your income is directly proportional to the amount you invest in yourself. The more you invest in yourself, the more your income will grow and you will realize that every area of your life will get better”

Currently being the Co-Founder of Camp Transformation Center, he mentions his second tip choosing a business partner wisely and Bakhtiar’s criteria for that is looking at their ethics and their ability to keep their promises. While skillset is as important in any role, attitude is extremely important whether it be in a business partner or hiring an employee. Hiring talent is the final tip that has allowed Bakhtiar to scale to 7 figures and beyond- he believes in the philosophy of hiring on attitude vs aptitude. To find what a person is made of, he usually gives a couple of small tasks in which one he mentioned was calling someone for a 4 AM workout, if they show up on time- Bakhtiar is able to see their character by the small tasks/challenges he gives. 

Becoming a person of significance is important for Bakhtiar. Not because of the vanity that comes with it but you are able to help more people and put people in a position to succeed. His inspiration is to help people excel in the 5 areas of their life: Fitness, Fun, Family, Finance and Faith which is the aim through his social media content- showcase all facets of his life which serve as an example and hopefully a role model for people looking to get inspired. 

Bakhtiar mentions, “It is an ethical obligation to improve yourself as you are God’s highest creation. Becoming successful is not just important for yourself but for society as you are able to help more people and impact more lives in a positive way.”

You gain more clarity in your decisions- once you know where you are going in your career and life, it is easy to prioritize which tasks contribute to your growth and the ones that hinder your progress. Personal development allows you to shift your mind from quantity to quality and allows you to focus on investing your tasks better and more efficiently. Last but not least, personal development allows you to deal with challenging circumstances and negative experiences in a positive light that is beneficial for your growth and those around you.

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