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Samantha O'Brochta
Samantha O'Brochta Blogger & Social Media Coordinator
7mo New York, NY, United States Story
Why It's More Important Than Ever To Travel

For awhile it seemed almost meaningless when I scrolled through Facebook, only to find that another tragedy has happened. We've become so numb to these incidents that we really can only sigh, maybe post a status saying "Pray for _____" and then maybe be sad about it for a day and move on until we hear about the next thing. 

Each time this happens, it becomes more and more difficult for people to feel that anywhere in the world is safe. You can't go enjoy a film without someone shooting you, or even a fireworks display without a truck mowing you over. It's getting so frustrating and uncomfortable to think of fun things to do without the thought that at any moment your life could be taken from you by some terrible person. 

So many things have happened in Europe lately that give the impression to foreigners that it's not safe to be there. But this isn't true. Yes, things happen and it does seem that it's concentrated there right now, but that's not what daily life is like in these places. The world seems very effed up. But truthfully, and history has seen much worse tragedies than we're experiencing now, and the only reason it seems like so much is because we have the Internet to show us what's happening. Don't let that taint your world view.

Because the world is changing so rapidly and people are getting more and more scared, if you want to see any of it, you have to go now. You have to go see this planet before borders are closed and everyone becomes so scared that they fear everyone and we all become targets to each other. I don't want to live in a world like that. I want to see what I can before we ruin it all. I want to see the beaches of Croatia and the bays of Vietnam before we're banned. I want to fly to New Zealand before restrictions on aircraft that make it impossible for the average person to fly.

I personally feel that there's no obvious solution to this violence problem. Humans have always been violent, evil creatures since the beginning of time and it's not magically going to stop now just because we're sad that it happens. Humankind is the most dangerous animal and there's not much we can do about it as long as there are so many conflicting views in the world. You can't say things like "we have to eradicate Muslims" without becoming a genocidal manic yourself.

I just truly believe that if everything is going down the toilet for the human race and we are doomed, then I want to experience as much of this beautiful world as I can before it ends. I want to see the Egyptian pyramids and the Easter Island heads and go on an African safari. And yes, the idea of getting on a plane terrifies me and always has, and with terrorists still finding ways to hijack them, it worries me that I might not even make it to my destination. However, I can't live my life assuming that's going to happen and just go for it while I'm still young and able. 

You can't just say things like "Oh I'll travel when I'm older," or "Paris was on my bucket list, but there was an attack there so it's not safe to go," because you can be sitting in your living room and a meteor could fall and kill you immediately and then what? "Go now or never," is my motto and I hope others can find this courage and see the world as well.

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Samantha O'Brochta
Blogger & Social Media Coordinator

I’m Samantha, my friends call me Sam and baristas mistake me as “Sim.” I live in New York City, work in social media, do comedy and improv on the side, and occasionally try to build up the inspiration to write some screenplays I have in the works. I have an affinity for traveling the world, [...]

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