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Angelique Moss
Angelique Moss Traveller, Entrepreneur, Writer
6mo London, United Kingdom Story
Why CBD oil could be the solution to the opioid crisis

Opioid dependency cost the American economy over $500 billion in 2015 and the crisis shows no signs of abating. As the dangers of opioid-based painkillers have become clear consumers and medical professionals have been searching for an alternative. Medical marijuana has been used in a number of states but this comes with its own risks and many find the accompanying high to be overwhelming or unpleasant.

CBD provides natural non-addictive pain relief

CBD is one of more than 60 cannabinoid compounds found in the cannabis plant. It has become popular as a remedy for pain relief because it combats pain and inflammation without causing the high commonly associated with Marijuana. While CBD oils have been used as a pain relief method for centuries medical professionals have only just begun to explore their potential uses.

Despite the fact that most organizations acknowledge that more human trials are required before the viability of CBDs can be verified the early results are promising. Trials conducted using rats published in the European Journal of Pain demonstrated that a CBD gel reduced both inflammation and pain without the corresponding side effects of many other pain medications.

The Journal of Experimental Medicine also reported that CBD was an effective treatment for chronic pain and inflammation. The study also noted that the body was unlikely to build up a resistance to CBD meaning that the dose would not need to be increased.

These studies are largely preliminary and the long-term effects remain unknown but the potential of CBD to revolutionize the way that we treat pain is clearly there.

CBDs help to ease opioid dependency

Putting the medical studies aside for a moment, patients themselves have attested to the efficiency of CBD. Take the story of Richard Holt published in the Telegraph. After a nasty fall, he was prescribed the painkiller Oxycontin which helped in the short term but eventually began to cause problems. After trying a number of different pain management techniques Richard found the answer to his problems in the form of CBD.

An average of 115 Americans a day die due to opioid overdose.

CBDs have a number of advantages over opioid-based medicines like Oxycontin. They do not impair the user's function and most importantly the body does not build up a resistance over time. There is no evidence of anybody becoming addicted to CBD based treatments and it is not possible to overdose on CBD drugs. Cannabidiol also does not produce the same high as THC which has allowed it to become legal on a Federal level.

Diamond CBD has led the charge by making high-quality CBD products easily available

Given the clear benefits of CBD in pain relief treatment, it is no surprise that a budding industry has formed around the derivative. There are a lot of great competitors in the field but one that stands out is PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTCMKTS: POTN) and its subsidiary Diamond CBD.

PotNetwork Holding, through Diamond CBD, has been at the forefront of developing uses for the hemp derivative cannabidiol (CBD). Their effective products have brought pain relief to millions of Americans and have helped them to dominate the CBD industry.

They demonstrate that the strength of CBD lies in its versatility. Patients can choose to receive a variety of treatments depending on their circumstance. Some, as Richard Holt did, can opt to take CBD oil orally, others might be experiencing muscle pain and want to apply a topical CBD cream and the medicine adverse can pretend they’re munching down on sweets with CBD infused gummy bears.

This innovation is backed up by high safety standards and advanced extraction methods. Supercritical CO2 extraction is used to acquire high-quality CBD and each batch undergoes rigorous safety checks to ensure that there is no risk of contamination.

These high-quality products have allowed Diamond CBD to gain a strong market position in 2017. The popularity of their CBD oils is likely to increase as more Americans seek alternatives to addictive and dangerous opioids.

This would not only be good for pain sufferers but also for Diamond CBD and its holding company. The opioid market will potentially be worth $17.7 billion by 2022. If Diamond CBD and other providers are able to successfully send the message that their product is safer, cheaper and non-addictive then the potential for growth is absolutely huge.

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Angelique Moss
Traveller, Entrepreneur, Writer

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