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Which Xbox One Controller Should You Buy? Read Before You Buy Once

In its endless quest to place the console on equal footing with Sony’s PS4 and reach new users, Microsoft is consistently iterating on the Xbox One Controller. the initial version was a solid black affair, with support for simply Microsoft’s wireless commonplace and infrared emitters that allowed the console to understand once somebody, anyone had a controller in their hands. Read more details at

Xbox One S Wireless Controller

The Xbox One S comes with this and most advanced Xbox One Controller so far. Microsoft merely calls it the “Xbox Wireless Controller,” however we're jobbing it the Xbox One S Wireless Controller to not augment the confusion of Microsoft’s naming theme.

Elite Xbox One Controller
Microsoft conjointly makes another controller, the controller to finish all controllers, it says. this is often the Elite Xbox One Controller. Technically, it absolutely was designed around the chassis of the primary Xbox One controller to incorporate a receiver jack. It’s programmable and has controller surfaces that you simply will take away and replace with others that you’re more leisurely with. A strengthened body, paddles on the rear and hair triggers build it the Xbox One Controller to possess for skilled gamers and any that finds themselves substitution their controller too typically.

Original Xbox One Controller
Light and everyone black, the initial Xbox One Controller had dim red lights so the Xbox One’s Kinect camera may establish users and mechanically log them into their favorite games. Microsoft killed those feature months once the console first launched.

Official Controllers
By far, the largest stable of Xbox One Controllers is those who Microsoft itself makes. each Xbox One console comes with a wireless controller freed from charge. If it’s a special edition or edition bundle, except that controller to match the console that it’s bundled with. for instance, if there’s a white Xbox One enclosed together with your hardware bundle, the controller within also will be white.
The choice is yours.

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