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Scarlett Iversen
Scarlett Iversen Writer & Blogger
8mo United States Story
Which Pizza is Best for Your Birthday Party?

Birthday parties are great times to have a gala time with your friends. Great food, games, fun and your buddies are things that make a great birthday.

Food is a very important part of any and all birthday parties. Choosing the right delicacies for the party becomes crucial. But how to choose something that everyone likes? To save you the jitters the savior arrives- PIZZA.

Pizza is something which everyone likes, be it of different sizes, toppings  or crust. Toppings range from pepperoni to olives, barbecue chicken to corn with cheese burst, thin crust and thick crust. Pizza has something for everyone.

But which pizza to choose for your party? We help you choose from a variety of pizzas that can make your birthday party a hit.

  • Mexican Pizza

Mexican pizzas are not your regular bread based pizza. These pizzas are made on tortillas with red sauce over it. Put toppings of your wish be it bacon, beef, beans even veggies. Mexican pizzas can be made into wedges or ate as a whole. So for a party with loads of your friends this is perfect.

  • All Meat Pizza

Your friends may have different choices while choosing the meat for their pizza. To satisfy all of them at once the best pizza is the all meat pizza. This humongous pizza has all kinds of meat one likes from sausages, salami, ham, bacon, beef with delicious sauce  and lots of cheese. This lip smacking pizza is one to die for. 

  • Buffalo Chicken and Bacon

If you want spice things up for your birthday party the buffalo chicken with bacon the right pizza for you. Chunks of chicken or stips of the same are put into cheese crust pizza with loads of butter, onions, garlic powder and pepperoni. The added happiness comes from the bacon strips adding the juicy meatiness to your birthday delicacy. If the medium sized doesn't work for it try to king kong, a speciality in pizzas of Palo Alto.

  • Margherita Pizza

Margherita pizza is the traditional pizza that can make any event fun. This neapolitan pizza from the Italians has mozzarella cheese with fresh basil, diced tomatoes in tasty sauce. To make your birthday food have a suave touch try the margherita pizza.

  • Hawaiian Pizza

If you thought only hawaiian beaches were worth a shot, you should definitely try the hawaiian pizza. Made with dough crust, tomato sauce, ham pieces, and pineapple rings sometimes with even added mushrooms and bacon. This pacific pizza is sure to have a long lasting impression on your tastebuds.

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza

Barbequed meat or simply BBQ meat is the ultimate favorite of any non vegan. It turns even better when it's chicken and added to a pizza with BBQ sauce. To make your birthday party a blasting affair try the BBQ chicken pizza for the feast.

Pizzas are the ultimate food for any happening event from office parties to family outing. Birthdays are a great excuse to have your favorite pizza with your best chums. Pizzas outlets are found all over the world with all kinds of toppings to have them with. Pizzas at Palo Alto are one of the best in the US with their long list of pizzas menus and topping lists. So if your birthday is near give a call or order online have a scrumptious meal on your special day with your buddies.

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Scarlett Iversen
Writer & Blogger

Scarlett Iversen is an Internet Research Analyst. She possesses experience in optimizing and promoting websites on leading search engines. His passion is to keep updated with Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. are up to innovate & deliver.

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