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Where is Web Hosting Headed?

Web hosting is a constantly evolving industry that has faced some significant changes in the last few years. If you want to know where Web hosting is going in the next five years, then you should pay attention to these four areas: green hosting, the cloud, intuitive controls and mobile access. These are getting a lot of attention now, and the steam is beginning to build for a major change in the hosting architecture.

Green Hosting

What exactly is green hosting? It means one of two things. Direct green hosting, or hosts that actually use green energy, are run on wind and solar energy. While it takes a lot of power to keep servers consistently running, eco-friendly energy has been proven to be more than enough to keep your website going. Indirect green hosting is when the host buys green energy credits, but is really using a conventional form of energy. This is still good, but not as good as direct green hosting. In the next five years, you should expect many more direct green hosts. Not only that, but many indirect green hosts will become direct. This is because people care about the planet and that movement doesn’t seem to be losing any speed.

Cloud Hosting

This is probably one of the biggest areas that will change in the future. Many hosts are currently using traditional server technology to host websites. This means that your website is kept in a small block on a server. There’s nothing wrong with this, but cloud hosting is different and it offers many new opportunities. The major difference is how the data is stored. Instead of keeping your website in a single block, the data is stored on major servers at the same time. Not only that, but moving the data from one server to the next is very easy. This makes loading speeds much faster because only small amounts of data need to be loaded for someone to access your website.

It’s also much easier to move the website if maintenance is needed or if the server goes down. This means much better uptime rates and less downtime if there is a disaster. Cloud hosting is becoming incredibly popular, but you can expect most or all hosts to use this technology within five years.

Intuitive Controls

Web hosting, especially those using cPanel, isn’t the hardest or most advanced thing to use, but many people still have a hard time managing their websites because they aren’t tech savvy. Some hosts are starting to implement more intuitive controls that new users can easily recognize and use. This means that web hosting will become more accessible, which means that everyone can start their own blog, online store or website for fun.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile technology is becoming very popular and many businesspeople and business-oriented website owners rely on smartphones and tablets to run their business. While some hosts offer intuitive mobile access to their services, the fact is that this can be much better. Expect mobile access to significantly improve within the next few years to cater to the mobile crowd. This will make it much easier for people to manage their website regardless of where they are.


The hosting industry must continuously evolve to keep customers happy. People want faster hosts, more reliable architecture and intuitive controls. The good news is that it seems like the industry as a whole is moving in this direction.

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