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Ally Laster
Ally Laster Writer. Mental Health Advocate. Professional Student.
What is Weird Anyway?

As I sat in the theater this weekend watching the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie (which was PHENOMENAL in case anyone was wondering), it finally hit me as to why Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess.

She's not the "cool girl".

It's not that all of the other princesses are either, but there is literally an entire song in both movies about how she's so different from the others.  

Cue: "She really is a funny girl, that Beeeeelllllleeeeee"

I have always beat to my own drum. As a little girl, I would walk around content in my own imagination while the other girls were doing other things that little girls do. As a teen, I did what I wanted to do and didn't follow what the crowd was doing. And as an adult, I enjoy staying home writing and feeding my mind. Give me a good book and I won't see you for a few days.

Throughout all of these stages, I've heard the word "weird" thrown at me too many times to count because I'm not doing what everyone else is doing. Or that I think differently. It hurt my feelings for a while as a kid because they meant it in a negative way. They teased me because I was different than them, and there lies the problem.

What's so bad about being different? Instead of embracing ideas and lifestyles that are different, society is quick to cast a shadow over those who don't follow what they deem is "correct". 

But the thing is, nothing is correct! Everyone has their own experience their own paths. Everyone is also a little "weird" on the inside, but they just don't let it show from fear of rejection by their peers. 

Honestly, trying to be like the cool kids is a ton of energy that I'd rather put into something else. I like writing, and dogs, and using my imagination. Others do other things. But the message here is, let your freak flag fly. If you like walking around with your nose in a book, do it! If you like spending your Saturdays in a gnome museum, go there! 

Life is so short in the scheme of things. So short in fact, that time can be wasted worrying about what other people thing. Find your inner Belle, and let her out. 

(Photo is property of Disney)

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Ally Laster
Writer. Mental Health Advocate. Professional Student.

Dog mom, book enthusiast, adventure seeker; swimming through my mid-twenties like jello.

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