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6 Tips for Looking Great on Your First Day at Work

Starting a new job can be a nerve wracking experience. You want to make a great impression and show that you deserve to be in your new position. You also want everyone to like you so that you start forming work friendships immediately. You can calm your nerves, make a great impression, and embrace your future with confidence by using these six easy tips to look your best on your first day of your new job.

Get Plenty of Sleep

No doubt you will be antsier than a kid at Christmas the night before your first day of work. Despite having a stomach full of butterflies, you should try to get enough sleep that night so that you will look refreshed and well-rested the next day.

Try drinking a cup of warm milk before going to bed or listening to soothing, quiet music while nodding of to sleep. Avoid drinking tea or coffee before bedtime because the extra caffeine will only add to your jitters.

Also try going to bed an hour or two early if you believe that you will have troubles sleeping that night. The extra hour or so will give you plenty of time to nod off and get some rest before your alarm goes off the next morning.

Brush, Floss, and Rinse

You can have the greatest personality and be the smartest one on your new work team. However, if you neglect your oral care, you could set yourself up for failure before you even start your job.

As superficial as it may be, people judge others by how they look. Along with noticing your clothes and hair, your new coworkers and bosses will notice your teeth and smile. In fact, supervisors and managers have been known to turn down people for jobs because of the way their teeth look.

When you want to make a great impression on your first day, you should remember to brush, floss, and use mouthwash first thing in the morning. You also may consider whitening your teeth if they look dull or yellow.

Break Out the Ironing Board

People will also judge you if you come to work in clothing that is wrinkled or sloppy. When you want to make the best impression, you should lay out your work clothes the previous night and make sure that they are clean and ironed.

Ironing may seem like an outdated and time consuming task. However, when you want your hems and seams to be flat and your clothing to be wrinkle-free, it would not hurt to run an iron over them before you hang them up for wearing the next day.

Tried and True Hairstyling

The first day of work is not the day to try out a radical new hairstyle. Even if you are a bit of a stylish wild child, you should tone it down and go for a tried and true hairdo for your first day on the job.

Choose a hairstyle that fits your new job role. For example, if you are working in an office, you may consider a conservative hairdo that matches the other styles worn by people with whom you will be working. You do not want to look too extreme on your first day.

After you become accustomed to the new work environment and establish some solid friendships at work, you can try out different hairstyles that better suit your personality. On the first day, however, it may suit you to blend in so that your new coworkers and bosses view you as more approachable.

Go for the Glow

Your mother may have reminded you to wash your face and ears before school each morning. Mom's advice definitely comes in handy on the first day of a new job.

Before you go to work, don't forget to wash your face, neck, and ears thoroughly as you shower. Washing away yesterday's grime will leave you with fresh, clear, glowing skin that makes you look great and also adds to your overall visual appeal.

Trust Your Nose

The last tip for making a positive impression on your first day of work centers on making sure you smell just as great as you look. As you put on your deodorant, perfume, cologne, or body spray, trust your nose to tell you if you have just enough on or if you have gone overboard.

You want your scent to be light and appealing but not overpowering and offensive. Put on just enough deodorant to get you through the work day. Also try spritzing your cologne, perfume, or body spray in the air and then walking into the cloud of mist. This trick ensures that just enough scent lands on you and your clothing.

These six tips go far in helping you look great on your first day of work. You will easily impress your new coworkers and bosses.

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