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10d Washington, DC, United States Story
Warrior Black & Blue- Revised

Very different and interesting concept for a lyric video (posted above the CNN video), not only that but above all really a song for any Wounded Warrior Woman particularly in their time of doubt. 

I must overall say warrior Women don't back down let alone surrender to anything ultimately. I know I won't be anytime soon that's for damn sure. It's not in our nature at all regardless of what type of warrior one is it just doesn't happen. lol The modern day Kurdish Women Warriors that fight against Isis for example have a plan if caught by Isis to blow themselves up because 1. They know what happens to Women captured by Isis 2. They don't want to give isis the satisfaction of surrendering to the low life's. 3 They will take out as many as possible in the process.

I have to agree with that. I'm very old school in that like a lot of my other belief's I suppose. lol I always said if I were ever in a similar situation and there was no way in hell I was going to get away I'd do what I had to preferably taking the guilty party out with meu. No way in hell would I let anyone rape, sell, gang rape, or kill meu if given the chance. Let's put it this way my exploitation was bad but not nearly what the stories I've heard nor seen from others, that's probably why my former exploiter chose to go about exploiting meu the way he did because he knew what kind of Woman I am thus would end his existence if when finding the opportunity.  One party would end up dead before worse could happen in my opinion, he never beat meu or physically touched meu because for one he's a worm to be frank the other he knew what would come of that, let's face it one has to sleep sometime. That's the warrior cultures in meu talking probably. lol But what lacked physically speaking grotesque and utterly demeaning made up for anything physical/biologically speaking that could have happened to meu but what to expect from a piece of sh^% all exploiters have the same component. 

I'm not saying those which have survived all I have mentioned are weak or anything of the sort FYI before anyone reads into that in a negative connotation. Quite the contrary to survive or undergo that and still not survive, such is as bad  @$$ as can get make no mistake, I have nothing but respect for those which have undergone that clearly. Also I must clarify I must disagree with one of the choices of "Warrior Women" in one of the articles, I can not respect any slaveholder even if they be Nefertiti whom along with her family have been said to have been an oppressor of the Hebrews. Granted the historical timeline there is no doubt in my mind this claim is true, if not at the very least believed they were beneath her as they thought even other Egyptians were beneath them let alone any outside group. This is coming from someone that has North African blood in meu by the by AND DNA analysis has shown myself as well as siblings fall in the family line (way back of course) of King Tut due to the distant North African component in our DNA (believed to be Berber.) Nevertheless I can't support the notion of an oppressor being a warrior of any kind besides there are different types of warriors. Esther for example was just as much of a Warrior Woman as those that go into physical battle. I mean my God she risked her own life to save the Hebrew people, her people. One can't get anymore bad (in the good way) and selfless than that! Besides historians believe she was just a young Girl, probably a teenager. That's as courageous as a Woman willing to go into battle and die for the betterment of the people. I wanted to clarify that FYI.            

Interesting article I found about Warrior Women in history below.

Women Warriors of Herstory


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