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Visit These Top 4 Nature’s Wonders Before They Are Gone

Our planet is an exhibit of natural wonders. Be it the vast lands or the mysterious blue oceans, there are endless numbers of amazements. People across the globe have forever longed to witness these entertaining shows of nature. Having pulled the traveller’s attention these places have grown to be tourist hotspots. But, the over intrusive nature of man has spoilt these places that are precious gems. The evils of global warming have contributed enough in devastating a lot of the natural reserves that we once saw as the pride of our planet. We list down the most exciting 4 places that are still around for you to catch a glimpse of.

The Great Barrier Reef - Australia

A living giant off the north-eastern coast of Australia, this is a wonderland under water surprise. A collection of numerous coral reefs, this is a civilisation of marine animals bustling with action. Visible even from outer space it makes for a great place to dive and witness the deep blue underwater world. The bad news is that this huge reserve of life is fading away slowly due to the increase of carbon dioxide in our planet. Coral bleaching is killing the habitat of many marine fish and it is for us, travellers, to be there and understand the issue better to spread awareness about its conservation.

Valley of Fire – Nevada, USA

Covering an area of around 46,000 acres the valley of fire is a natural preserve that is open for public recreation. Confirm your bookings to the city of lights, check in to any of the most popular hotel in Las Vegas and you can head off to this golden hued paradise thereon. The oldest state park in Nevada, this place is a visual treat made up of red-rock sandstone valleys and canyons with bizarre cliffs and rock formations. A chosen best for picnicking, camping and also casual hikes across the unique topography, it is great for solo walks or group trips. As you see the sun shine hard on the rocks you will understand why it is named the valley of fire. 

The rain forest of Amazon - Brazil

The tropical forests of the world are buckets of life, with wonderful species of animals thriving to survive away from the concrete jungles of human civilisation. The best of them is the Amazon basin of South America that is also known as the lungs of the earth. Breathing out a large source of oxygen and home to about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, this paradise is a bliss for adventurers. You can sail on cruises through the meandering serpentine river and meet tribes that are living centuries behind modern times. If lucky you will be greeted by the exotic animals and birds that live here and maybe you get lucky to spot an anaconda too. Global warming and deforestation are the biggest enemies of this region and only conscious tourism can help to eradicate the same.

Yangtze Region - China

The Yangtze River valley is one of the most ancient natural habitats for animals and plant life in China. Hidden by the shrouding dense mist of forests, it is here that the giant panda still lives. But, now they are breathing under the tag of being endangered. A rapidly developing economy and the advent of logging industry has cleared out a lot of their home space. The famous Three Gorges Dam project nearby, the biggest ever in human history, is flooding the valley too. A lot of conservation work is being done with help from tourism. Travellers come here to adore these nimble creatures and make a lot for the restoration work of their forest homes.

Our planet becoming more and more endangered with activities that we are a reason for deserves our concern too. It is our duty to make developments and propagate a change for good so that it not just saves natural heritage, but also assures our future survival in this world.

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