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almost 3 years Queensland, Australia Story
Vaping vs Smoking: Make The Best Choice

So which side are you?

Traditional Cigarettes vs. Electronic Cigarettes – which is a perfect choice?

Let’s see what reports suggest. As per a BBC news report, E-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful as compared to tobacco cigarettes and could be prescribed to smokers to help them quit smoking!

Embrace yourself, vaping is not only harmless to a great extent but is 40% cheaper when compared to smoking. What a day to be alive, no?

This clears the dilemma of choosing one between vaping and smoking pretty much. However, if you are still not convinced, let’s discuss in details the features and benefits of e-cigarettes over traditional smoking. What say?

Features and Benefits of E-Cigarettes over Traditional cigs

E- Cigarettes are gaining popularity with every passing day and the reasons for it are extensive. Let’s explore what they have on offer!

1) No Smoke / More Hygeine

E-cigarettes do not produce toxic smoke like normal cigarettes and as a result, they are less polluting to the environment. This new age technology is one of its kind. It does not produce any ash, unlike conventional the smoking devices and cigarettes. Thus, e-cigarettes make sure that no irritating smoke smell sticks to your skin, hands, clothes, hair and in the room itself.

2) Smoke Anytime, Anywhere

Finally, you no longer have to give a second thought to the surroundings you are in before smoking. With vaping, there are no restrictions on the time and place. You can vape anywhere at any time without worrying about polluting the environment. Even in the areas where they have ‘No Smoking’ zones, vaping will not do any harm whatsoever.

3) Social Acceptability

Generally, people who smoke are asked to go outside a room to some isolated area for smoking or there are bans on smoking in certain areas so to say. People have become pretty health conscious and they have realized that if a person smokes around them, they will eventually become passive smokers, taking into account that they are inhaling the harmful smoke that comes out from smoking the conventional cigarettes. However, when it comes to vaping, as there is no considerable smoke produced into the environment, thus making it a more socially acceptable aspect. This is certainly a breakthrough for conventional rules and regulations of the society.

4) Put A Check on Nicotine Content

With these e-cigarettes, you can put a check on the nicotine content that you are consuming. You can choose from a wide range of nicotine strength and make sure that they do not exceed your capacity. Even if you are unable to control your smoking desires but do not want to take any nicotine any longer, you can completely omit the nicotine from your e-cigarette by using nicotine free e-liquids and vape on without any harmful effects at all. This way, you can eventually bring down your nicotine intake and give up on your smoking vice. This will help you get rid of the toxic effects of smoking in your body and in the long run you will be able to give up on your addiction for smoking as well.

5) Inexpensive and Affordable

These e-cigarettes may sound costly but they are extremely affordable taking into account the number of benefits they come along with. These vape accessories are reusable, unlike conventional cigarettes which get destroyed each time you smoke. You can change the accessories once in a while and use them for the long run. The only thing you need to buy often is the e-liquid and then you can have a gala time vaping.

6) Range of Styles

There is a huge variety to explore from. They look like cigarettes in shape and size but they are available in various forms and colours which make them look really alluring and attractive. They would choose e-cigarettes over normal cigarettes, any day, given its attractiveness and appeal.

7) Various Flavours

Unlike conventional cigarettes, you no longer need to satisfy your temptations with just one flavour every time. You can choose your vape liquid in various flavours and you can mix them as per your requirement and wish. Starting from cherry, menthol, strawberry, coffee; the list is endless.

8) Free Of Chemicals

Smoking E-cigarettes make sure that you are not choking your lungs with harmful chemicals, toxins and. To be a little more specific, these cigarettes are free from carcinogens and some other 4000+ harmful chemicals. Smoking e-cigarettes enable you to do your little bit towards your body.

9) Interesting accessories

E-cigarettes are blessed with some really cool accessories. From e-cigarettes cases to lanyards, cartomizers, chargers, drip tips, tools and other accessories – you can discover a whole new range of some funky products meant for electronic cigarettes online.

Summing up, all these factors definitely point towards the victory of electronic cigarettes over conventional cigarettes. The biggest blessing is the ability of e-cigarettes that allow you to smoke anywhere. There could be nothing worse than a scenario when you want to smoke, but simply can’t, as it is a no smoking zone or because you are in a crowd. With e-cigarettes, you can satisfy your temptations whenever you want. Furthermore, you no longer need to smoke the same flavour every day. E-cigarettes give you a huge variety of liquids each with different flavours available at your disposal. ‘No ash content’ and the ‘ability to choose nicotine strength as per your will’ are other game-changing factors.

Convinced? Why not give e-cigarettes a try? E-cigarettes are readily available on vape stores. Try and let us know how your experience was in comments!

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  • VivianaVizcaino
    VivianaVizcaino Viviana
    almost 3 years ago New York, NY, United States

    What can you tell me about different e-cigarette sellers? Do you have a preferred?

    What can you tell me about different e-cigarette sellers? Do you have a preferred?

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