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over 1 year Story
Unlocking Your Hidden Potential: The Art of Coaching and Inspiring People

It's all in your head.

You may have heard this sentence many times.

People are constantly affected by their thoughts and beliefs which can be either empowering or destructive.

As psychologists and scientists study the roles of skills, talent, genetics and environment in determining the true impact on the mind, they all do agree: the human mind has an untapped potential.

Fortunately, unlocking the power of your brain will be more attainable in the future. David Michigan, an international mental coach and actor, whose name you’re likely to be hearing more and more in the world of professional sport, mainly focuses on teaching how you can use your brain for better performances. More than 3 million people are already engaged with his mental & life advice on social media.

© David Michigan

Originally from the French capital, Michigan was a talented sportsman from a very young age and excelled in a number of different sports.

He quickly understood that the human body and the mind are interconnected: “My philosophy stems from the fact that one must always consider both one's mind and one's body as something precious, like your own sanctuary. Because the mind always works with the body. You can possess the sharpest mind, you will not go very far if you are not in great physical shape. And vice versa.”

In one of his media appearances, Muscle & Fitness magazine (august 2017 French edition), David Michigan gave some tips and advice on how to really use your mind to be better at sports. As a performing athlete himself, Michigan obviously understands the training process and how to improve it.

They are 7 principal rules to keep in mind:

© freepik

Rule 1: Your mind does not differentiate between what you imagine and reality.

Rule 2: Your unconscious will always be the origin of your successes.

Rule 3: The more you visualize, feel and imagine your dreams and goals, and the faster you will have them.

Rule 4: No matter what you think of you and your abilities, you are always much more than that.

Rule 5: Your energy flows where your attention goes.

Rule 6: Your performance depends on the perception you have of yourself.

Rule 7: Your neurons are like muscles: they can be physically trained, conditioned and sculpted with your attention.”

Improving and developing your mind at its best is essential and vital in his coaching process. “Everyone can wake up his unique potential and his true identity by keeping developing yourself mentally and physically” he explains. “Furthermore, the process of searching for your true identity can take you a lot of time, energy and attention, but it's worth it and you can ultimately produce the greatest value you want to give to the universe.”

Michigan also insists on the importance of also modeling the way of thinking of a successful person: “Often you see someone doing physical exercises and eating in a certain way. You decide to do exactly the same. However you, do not get the same results. Most of the time, it is because you reproduce what you see, but you do not reproduce the mental processes of that person.”

Most studies to date have focused on physical training and nutrition, but times are changing and more and more will focus on mental training, it will be one the most important element of this century in helping people to reach their goals and dreams, not only in their sport activities but also in their own life.

“When I teach you how to connect you to your unconscious, you will be able to consider ideas, concepts and beliefs in a way that frees you from your conscious limitations. This gives you direct access to your memory, your emotions, your desires, your decision-making, your healing abilities, your hormonal regulation, and countless possibilities. This is also particularly helpful for me when I am working as an actor or a model, as I really need to use my imagination at its best to project myself in various situations.” (abstract)

David Michigan also insists on an apparently simple, but very important technique: visualization. Mohammed Ali used this mind technique constantly, and called it "Future History".

© Muhammad Ali

“Always remember that your brain cannot tell the difference between your imagination and the reality. So the more you imagine something and really feel something, the more you will get it.”

Jim Carrey is also a huge fan of visualization and has attributed a big part of its success by visualizing on a daily basis.

“Don’t worry if you take some time to learn visualization properly,” David Michigan explains. “Your muscles take a long time to transform. It is the same with your mind, which will grow more and more with time. Then you can move on to more advanced techniques. To start, do not rush and really take your time.”

Few people actually take the time to really know their goals in life, and start visualizing them.

So why not do yourself a favor and start visualizing success as soon as today with your everyday life?

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