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29d İstanbul, Türkiye Story
Understanding What IT Technology Service Management is and its Benefits to your Organisation

Information Technology services or IT services are abundant in this day and age and one such strategic approach is known as ITSM - Information Technology Service Management. It involves key functions like managing, designing, and delivering the way information technology is deployed within the organisation to meet its needs. If ITSM were to pin down a specific goal, it would be to ensure that the framework allows the appropriate people, to have systematic processes by using technology to its optimum level. To understand how this happens, it's essential to understand the frameworks that make this possible.

One – COBIT:

It’s a framework to develop, implement, monitor and improve the flow of IT within management practices. It is published by the ISACA (Information Systems Audit & Control Association) as well as the IT Governance Institute.

Two – Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)

This has twenty-three documents that will guide an IT professional on the “know-hows” to create, implement, and manage cost-effective and efficient services. Just like the ITIL, this, too, would have the entire lifespan of the IT services listed out until its replacement.

Three – Six Sigma

This framework was first developed by the leading technology company, Motorola. It's one that believes in the setting of high objectives and places a significant amount of important to the collection of data. Analyzing this said data is also an integral part of the Six Sigma framework. What would one accomplish with this tedious process? In theory, it’s it to eliminate any chances of mediocrity or defects with a product or service.

Four – ISO 20000

The ISO 20000 framework is a far more common global standard that dictates the ITSM of a company. Its initial framework was put together by the British Standards Institutions to displays its prescribed best practices with the framework by the ITIL. As it is compatible with the Microsoft Operations Framework, it is considered to be a versatile, adaptable framework for an organisation.

Five – The Framework of Open Group Architecture (TOGAF)

The TOGAF framework was brought to life by an independent association within the industry, The Open Group. The benefits of this IT system are that it is structured in a way that organisations that need to organise and implement software technology can do so in a systematic manner.

Six – The IT Infrastructure Library or ITIL

For businesses that need to align its IT infrastructure with its corporate profile, the ITIL will be of immense use. It’s no doubt the most popular framework amongst IT professionals in the industry. Its five main components of Strategy, Transition, Continual Service Improvement, Design, and Operations were a fundamental basis for organisations existing in the ‘80s to align its corporate and IT best practices. Since then, the ITIL’s popularity has only increased and it’s considered a de-facto framework by many in contemporary times as well. 

To ensure that the ITSM works well within the organisation there are several factors that need to be addressed. The framework must encapsulate skilled and trained experts in the area; next, the processes and particular IT practices must be put in place. Once this is done, the hardware in accordance with the framework must be laid down; the organization, too, must adapt it into their culture, for the final step of integration.

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Sevkiteyze is a international relation expert and a passionate writer. He also loves to share his experiences. His dream is to get 10+ hours of sleep every day :)

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