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UFC 214 Live Stream Jones vs Cormier 2 Online HD

Following couple of rough months, the UFC will hit top apparatus this end of the week with the most stacked card of the year up to this point.

Watch here: UFC 214 Live Stream.

Here's all that you have to think about UFC 214.

Where is it?

The battles will be on at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Los Angeles.

What time does it begin?

The Fight Pass prelims commence at 8:30am (AEST) on Sunday with the prelim card gazing at 10:00am and the fundamental card at late morning.

The correct circumstances will rely upon to what extent the first battles last, however you can anticipate that the headliner will begin at around 2:00 at the most recent.

You can get the prelim card on Fox Sports however the fundamental card will cost you $49.95 on Main Event. You could swing by the bar rather, yet ensure you ring ahead and check heretofore. We've all been stung on more than one occasion when the nearby hasn't spent the money and the following frantic dash to an additionally obliging foundation may get the adrenaline pumping however overall it just makes things troublesome.

Who is battling?

This is the UFC's best card of the year up until this point and will be one of those uncommon occasions with three title sessions. We have an itemized see and expectation of each battle on the fundamental card.

Daniel Cormier versus Jon Jones

Cormier winning this battle would open up a great deal of entryways from a business and account point of view.

In addition to the fact that it would set up a set of three session, which would be much greater than the pair's initially meeting back in January of 2015 and this present end of the week's conflict, it'd simply regard see Cormier's title rule get a little approval.

The 38-year old is one of the immense light-heavyweights in MMA history and his triumphs over Anthony Johnson, Alexander Gustaffson and Johnson again make him much more than the paper champion some MMA fans assert him to be.

In any case, it's quite recently hard to perceive how it happens. For all his own issues, Jones is one of the best contenders in MMA history — he's up there with Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Fedor Emelianenko.

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