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Turn Your Idea Into The Next Big Invention

Brainstorm Ideas.

The first step in coming up with a really unique and helpful product is brainstorming invention ideas. Consider your field of expertise - what are you most fascinated by and understand the most about. Otherwise, you will have a good plan, however, no understanding of a way to implement it.

The following tips might help you:

- Try creating an inventory of all the items that interest you. These may be hobbies, jobs, or merchandise that you only use on a daily basis.

- Make a massive list. It’s better to possess a lot of invention ideas than a few, thus continue listing till you have completely nothing else to add.

Research Your Invention.

If another product like yours has been patented already, then you won’t be ready to fabricate your invention or receive your own patent.

- Search online for merchandise that matches the outline of your invention.

- Visit a Patent and Trademark deposit close to you. Here, you'll search all patents and classes for different inventions like yours.

- Get an expert patent search done to verify that there really are no inventions on the market almost like yours.

In the US, patents are granted on “first-to-file” basis, instead of a “first to invent” basis. This implies that as soon as possible, file a patent on your invention so that no one else will copy you. Proof (typically within the style of a journal) that you invented your product first won’t assist you to get a patent before somebody else that filed first.

Patenting Your Invention

Create An Intensive Record Of Your Invention.

- List all the items you are going to need to produce it, all the elements and materials for your invention.

- Keep a record of your findings or research showing that you simply didn't come across any other products on the market that is similar in style to yours and has already got a patent.

- Think through the commercial sales value of your invention. There are fees attached to getting a patent for yourself even if you don’t use a patent lawyer. Nevertheless: committing to these fees, make sure you’ve recorded the commercial value and potential income based on sales of your invention.

Consider Hiring A Patent Attorney.

Even if patent attorneys can be costly, their help can be priceless. The main job of a patent attorney is to help get you a patent and to deal with patent infringement.

- Should someone infringe on your patent (after you get it), your patent attorney should help you take the bold legal steps to deal with the issue or sue them if need be.

Get A Provisional Patent Application.

A provisional patent application, also known as PPA, shows your invention has to be in the process of acquiring a patent. This protects you from others copying your idea while your patent application is still being processed.

- You will have to pay a fee within the range $60-$250 based on the business you operate with and the item you wish to patent.

File For a Patent.

Once you have organized all your information on your invention, you can file a regular patent application or RPA. These are filed with the USPTO on their website or an office if you are located near one

Making Your Invention A Reality

Produce a Prototype.

With your patent into the works, it is an enough time to create a working model of your invention. Do not worry about making it with expensive resources or going through an extensive procedure, just make a version of your invention yourself.

Present Your Invention To A Manufacturer.

It's always great to find local manufacturers that create similar products as yours and appeal to the manufacturer to produce your design for you.

Produce Your Invention.

Once you've got a manufacturer for your invention on board your next step is to start mass-producing it!

Advertise Your Invention.

Find ways in which to point out your packaging in your space. Several newspapers, TV stations, and native radio stations square measure all ready to advertise your product for a tiny low fee.

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