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Turn Any Occasion into a Special One with Gourgeus Roses

Let's admit it, picking out a gift for someone is hard, and thus most of us opt for a bouquet of freshly fragrant flowers for almost any occasion. Flowers make for a great gift and adorn the house of the receiver for a few days after the occasion as well, thus reminding them of you. But a bouquet of flowers, at the end of the day, is a thoughtless gift, but it no longer has to the case. With boxed luxury roses, you can now upgrade from a normal bouquet of flowers to a box of stunning roses that scream royal charm.

A box of luxury roses is much more than just an average flower arrangement, it in fact is an assortment of the highest quality of roses, handpicked and treated to last up to a year.  Arranged in the elegant Parisian boxes, these roses prove to be a delight to your eyes. These roses not only remain fresh for longer but also are more visually appealing than the roses than your local florist sells. With virtually no upkeep required apart from light dusting from time to time, these flowers prove to be the most convenient and visually sensational decorative and gifting item.

Another exciting feature of the long life roses is that they are also available in the colors and shades that roses do not naturally occur in, for example, pearl shine, gold dust, turquoise, rose gold, and other such mesmerising shades. Let us now take a look at how long lasting roses can be sent to uplift any occasion.


A box of roses is much more than just a bouquet, it defines eternity. Also known as infinity roses, preserved roses are perfect for gifting your loved ones on any occasion. Pair a box of beautiful roses with a bottle of wine or champagne, and the bride and groom will love you for this gift. Also, most of us wish to incorporate fresh flowers in our home decor, however are held back by the cost of fresh flowers, but a box of luxury roses can add oodles of charm to your home decor for up to a year. Not only that, you can customise your order to spell words, date of your anniversary or get them in a colour that means something special to you and your loved ones. Your friends and family will love you for this unique and eye catching gift.


When we think of decor for any occasion such as a wedding; or our homes, we think of flowers. With luxury roses, you now do not have to worry about wilting, changing the water, trimming the stems or spraying the flowers with water so that they look fresh, all it requires is light dusting to remove the dust that settles on top of the flowers.

A box of elegant roses looks fresh and vibrant for up to a year, giving you the freedom to use it to decorate your home any way you want. With rose arrangements, you can have a flower wall at your wedding for all your guests to take pictures in front of, or your own flower wall in your bedroom, that would double up as an amazing selfie spot.

Luxury flowers are a mark of modern gifting traditions, while also maintaining the original charm of roses. After diamonds, rose have to be a girl's best friend. So why not surprise your friends and family with luxury roses that would keep delighting them with their vibrant charm, for months to come.

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