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Anushka Thakur
Anushka Thakur helping indian women
5d los angeles Story
Top Remote Companies for Women to Work For

Women face all kinds of obstacles in the traditional workplace. From the wage gap, sexual harassment, lack of flexible working arrangements, pregnancy discrimination, and gender biases, there’s plenty that needs fixing. Luckily, these barriers are starting to break as companies under stellar leadership even the playing field. What’s more, many of these companies are remote. 

Top remote companies have taken the lead in creating women-friendly workplaces. It’s not just that remote work gives women the ability to craft their own schedules. These companies are also at the forefront of creating people-first policies for everyone. In particular, women workers benefit from transparent salary setting, flexible hours, results-based performance measures, documented workplace policies, and baby-at-work mindsets. 

Remote companies are doing things differently and it’s paying off. Let’s go through the top remote companies for women to work for - and why!

1. Buffer

Buffer is a leading 100% remote company with innovative policies that include fully flexible hours, home office allowances, coffee shop stipends, unlimited vacation, online therapy, baby-at-work meetings, 12 weeks of paid new parent leave, publically available salaries and a transparency dashboard. Buffer’s got the vision for how work can be done better. Their workplace policies and culture are definitely women-friendly. 

2. Zapier

Zapier is another great women-positive company that offers bias-blind hiring, flexible hours, unlimited vacation, 14 weeks of paid new parent leave, professional development allowances and diversity initiatives. Their remote-first approach is great for building a long-term career. As an extra layer of approval, this company is listed on RemoteWoman, a site that curates women-friendly job openings. 

3. GitLab

GitLab has all the makings of a great women-friendly company. Not only do they publish their employee contract clauses online, but they also have 100%-remote policies and flexible hours. In addition, they offer tuition reimbursement, 12-week new parent leave, and employee assistance. They’re consistently ranked as a top remote company to work for. 

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit dedicated to inspiring learning. While they’re only partially remote, they’ve got some of the most equitable benefits around. You can expect required time off, paid parental leave, flexible remote hours - oh and a lunch stipend! They’ve got the approval of RemoteWoman as well. 

5. Envato

Innovative, fair and just plain fun. Envato’s got a women-friendly culture that stems from their remote-first values. They’ve got work-from-anywhere benefits, 18 weeks of paid new parent leave, wellness programs, mentoring programs, travel subsidies for remoters and thoughtful team building. While they’re not 100% remote, Envato provides plenty of remote opportunities for women. 

6. Hotjar

This fully remote company is defined by radical transparency, well-defined processes and zero tolerance for discrimination. They’ve got 40 days of paid holiday, a generous home office budget, personal development budget, wellbeing allowance and 16 weeks of new parent leave. They even give their new employees a Fitbit and Kindle to welcome them to the remote worker life. Talk about innovative!

7. InVision

Invision is a globally distributed company with a work-from-home mentality. As part of their benefits, they offer gym memberships, competitive salaries, equipment allowances, conference/travel budgets and three months of maternity leave. They even have fertility assistance programs, which is just mind-blowing amazing for women.   

8. Automattic

Automattic has distributed teams across 60 countries. Their 100% remote mindset is great for remote women workers. They offer diversity initiatives, a yearly meet-up, unlimited vacation, home office setup stipends, and coworking allowances. What’s more, they’ve got unlimited parental leave! Automattic is future-thinking when it comes to creating a women-friendly workplace. 

9. Close

Close is a sales infrastructure company with a work-from-anywhere mindset. Most of their positions are 100% remote and they offer a competitive salary, equipment stipend and three weeks of vacation. If you haven’t heard of Close before, don’t fret - RemoteWoman has approved Close as a great remote option for women as well. 

10. Heroku

This distributed app development company is both inclusive and remote-first. They’ve got amazing diversity statistics. For example, 35% of their new hires last year were women, which is incredible. They also offer parental leave programs, education reimbursements, and training opportunities, as well as generous vacation. We love their diversity-first approach. 

11. Wildbit

Wildbit is a small-scale software company with a big outlook. They’ve been a remote company for 15 years and have distributed teams across the world. They definitely have a remote-first mindset, which includes benefits such as computer equipment allowances, conference stipends, 20 days of vacation, company-paid retreats, professional development and even a 4-day work week! That’s the kind of radically flexible work that women benefit from.

12. Trafilea

Trafilea is an eCommerce-focused company with a remote-first mindset. They’ve got great diversity and offer benefits including training stipends, 15 days of vacation, performance bonuses, tech stipends, wellness programs, and new parent leave. They’re often listed as a top remote company to work for by both FlexJobs and Forbes. 

13. BCD Travel

Ranked as a top employer for women by Forbes, BDC Travel is a remote-friendly travel services company. They offer flexible hours, family-friendly policies, parental leave and equipment allowances. The best part: their workforce is majority female! 

14. Auth0

Auth0 is at the forefront of remote work and diversity initiatives as well. They attract great diversity from around the world with their distributed teams. They also offer competitive salaries, career development, equipment stipends, and flexible schedules. They’re consistently ranked as a top remote employer worldwide. 

15. MoveOn

MoveOn is a socially-conscious remote company with distributed teams across the world. They make sure you’ve got a home office and coffee shop stipend, as well as formal benefits such as a competitive salary, four weeks of vacation per year, 12 weeks of new parent leave and a wellness program. As a social change company, they have excellent diversity and social values. 

16. Articulate 

Articulate is an e-learning solution company with an amazing remote track record. All their positions are work-from-anywhere and they offer competitive benefits such as flexible time off, equipment stipends, a wellness program, healthcare, and retirement matching. They’re women-friendly with their diversity and family mindset. 

17. is a 100% remote company that makes custom tech products. They’ve got people-first benefits, including flexible hours, competitive salaries, stock options, health care, and retirement benefits. They also have signed a fair pay pledge, so that all employees are paid under equal conditions - hooray! Overall, their innovative mindset shows strong women-friendly values. 

18. PartnerCentric

PartnerCentric is a remote-first communications and marketing company. They’ve got flexible hours and time off, as well as traditional benefits like health insurance, retirement and generous holidays. However, they’ve also pledged to give equal pay. In addition, they ensure that their remote workers are set up for success with a cell phone stipend, wellness stipend, book allowance, and yearly retreats. They’re a women-friendly winner in our books!

As you can see, top remote companies are leading the charge for fairer workplaces. These 18 remote companies prove that under the right leadership and using a people-first approach, no woman worker will be left behind. If you’re looking for a women-friendly company to work for, apply to some of these options - they’re all hiring! In particular, remote tech companies are especially innovative and forward-thinking. There’s a ton of remote opportunity for women in tech, especially if you’re a developer in highly demanded languages such as Node.js. But remember: competition is tough, so prepare for your interview. If you’re a Node.js programmer, you can check out Node.js interview questions to help you out.

No matter your talents, go on and become a part of a virtual office! You’re likely to find the women-friendly policies that you deserve. 

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Anushka Thakur
helping indian women

Hi, I am Anushka Chauhan a social activist and a writer. Born in a village and being a woman it was not easy to get basic education. Thanks to my father who fought the society to give me proper education. I believe writing has the power to change anything and here I am to make a change.

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