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Writing for whatever purpose it may serve should be informative. Written materials such as essays, articles, synthesis essay outlines, research paper, etc. should be perfect in all aspects. Writing should be as inviting as possible. The emotion that you would like to convey to your readers should be the same when they talk to their best friends. Talking to you best friend can be informal, but enticing. But unlike talking, written material should be made to perfection – no errors.

You might have read an article or two that has made you smile or made you roll your eyes because of misspelled words, failure to use the right punctuation and grammatical errors. Writing skills cannot be perfected overnight; it takes a lot of practice. But, it is not an excuse to continuously create articles with errors while you are waiting for your skills to be developed. It might just stop your next article from being spread.

Below are some tips for you to make sure you would make a perfect article.

  • Always use “who” when referring to a person and not that.

The common mistakes of most writers are when they write about people, they always use the word “that” instead of the word “who”. Although using the word “that” when referring to a person on a conversation is acceptable.  It just does not work in writing.

For example:

Correct: Malcolm is the only guy in school who could pull up any kind of get up.

Wrong: Malcolm is t he only guy in school that could pull up any kind of get up.


  • Do not use the word currently in your bio.

If you are writing an article about yourself or someone in response to an article and you want to include bios, just get rid of the word currently.

For example:

Correct: Andrea is the new CEO of Lexington Labs.

Wrong: Andrea is currently the new CEO of Lexington Labs.

With or without the word “currently” the sentence still means the same.

  •  Never start your sentences with either “there is” or “there are.

Starting your sentence with either “there is” or “there are” is not a mistake; it just shows how lazy you are as a writer.  Boring articles are not fun to read. Remember that the emotions you have when you write your articles reflect on how your articles come out and it will surely have the same effect on your readers leading them to skim through instead of reading it throughout.

For example:

Correct: According to research, there are five major reasons why women become shopaholics.

Wrong: There are five major reasons why women become shopaholics.

Although the sentences mean the same and could be understood clearly, the first sentence gives it a more grandiose start than the second one.

  • Be consistent in your bullet points

Bullet points are useful when organizing ideas through your article. But, if they would not coincide with each other, it might just be the end of the line for your article. When you are enumerating tips, you have to make sure that the first bullet should agree with the next.

If you are writing tips on how to decorate your house without going out of budget, below is one bullet that will work.

For example:

Correct: Below is the list of tips on how to decorate your house without going out of budget.

  • Decide on what theme you would like to have for your house.
  • Make a list of furniture that will work with your theme.

 Wrong: Below is the list of tips on how to decorate your house without going out of budget.

  • Check your budget
  • Plan what you have to buy

It might be OK if you are planning to do your groceries, but for decorating your house, nah!

  • Make your article more personal – use contractions.

Although formal writing is strictly required for some articles, it does not necessarily have to be applicable to all articles. If you want your article to have a friendly tone which readers can easily relate to; if you want your readers to have the feeling that you are their best friends, talk to them like you are on. Best friends do not necessarily have to talk too formal, but it would still make the same sense.


Instead of writing you are, you write you’re…

Instead of writing do not, use don’t…

Instead of using it must have been, try it must’ve been…


Aside from having it less time consuming, it does sound very casual.

Article writing can be something that all can do, but those who have been able to master their writing skills become successful article writers and earn well as the same time.

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